Rog 5 plus evaluates how strong the 80W amd Raptor 9 5900hx is!

At the ces2021 exhibition two months ago, the major upstream hardware manufacturers launched new products one after another. Amd released the sharp dragon 5000 series processor code named cezanne-h, marking that zen3 micro architecture has officially entered the mobile terminal, and its performance is better than zen2 micro architecture renoir-h sharp dragon 4000 series processor. NVIDIA also brought the ampere architecture into the game book and launched the latest RTX 30laptopgpu, the hardware upgrade of 2021 game book has started… Based on this background, many OEM manufacturers launch many new products based on the latest processor and graphics card, such as the Rog 5 plus game book received by the pconline evaluation room.

As a high-end game of Rog brand, the brand-new Rog gun god 5plus is equipped with the luxury configuration of AMD sharp dragon 95900hx processor + NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU. Many fever level players have high expectations for its performance. In this article, the pconline evaluation room will make a detailed analysis of the performance of this product.

More fashionable fuselage

Before testing the performance, let’s talk about the fuselage mold: compared with the previous generation of Rog gunslinger 4plus, Rog gunslinger 5plus has basically the same design style, but has further optimized the details. For example, on the premise of retaining the 17.3-inch large screen, the fuselage size is controlled at 395x2827mm, which is about 7% smaller than that of the previous generation. A more compact fuselage size can effectively reduce the space occupation.

On the a side of the fuselage, the Rog gunnery 5plus is made of all metal materials with extraordinary texture. It is worth noting that nano coating is also added to the metal a surface of Rog gun god 5plus to keep it clean and dry for a long time and avoid too many fingerprints.

The a-plane still retains the asymmetric diagonal line division design, and one end of the diagonal line supports the point matrix, which is similar to the a-plane of magic 14, bringing better decorative effect. Of course, at the other end of the asymmetric slash is the iconic “black eye” Rog, which can emit rgblog, support Shengguang synchronization, and can be customized in the armury crite control center.

The European wing shaft design is the same as that of the previous generation, but the Rog gun god 5plus has a small colored egg hidden in it. The belief badge on the left supports free disassembly and replacement. There are three colors of armor gray, star bright silver and war soul black, which fully show the personality of the players.

When you open the rotating shaft, you can see the 17.3-inch screen of the Rog Musketeer 5plus. Due to the three narrow frame design, the screen proportion of the Rog Musketeer 5plus reaches 87%, which controls the body volume and makes the visual effect more smooth. Although the resolution of this large screen is still 1920 × 1080 and 2K is not used, its comprehensive quality is still excellent. The color gamut covers 100% sRGB, the refresh rate is as high as 360hz, and the response time is as low as 3MS. There is no pressure to deal with electronic games and creative design.

In the C-plane part, the Rog gunsline 5plus also adopts the oblique line division design, which echoes with the a-plane. Half of the shell is translucent, and the motherboard structure inside the fuselage can be seen vaguely, which adds a sense of technology and further highlights the spirit of geek.

It is worth noting that the Rog gun god 5plus adopts an optical axis mechanical keyboard, with a key stroke of 1.9mm, a key cap with a 0.15mm curved surface, and a response time of 0.2mms. Compared with the film keyboard, the handle and service life of the Rog gun god 5plus are greatly improved. With a large size matte glass touch panel, the Rog gun god 5plus can have a good daily use experience even without an external mouse.

In addition, the Rog Musketeer 5plus also supports single button aurasyncrgb backlight adjustment, which can be set by players through the armorycrite control center.

In details, the bottom of the Rog 5 plus body has a surround light band, which also supports aurasync, which is very cool after lighting.

Keystone has become the highlight of the game book of Rog Musketeer series, and this feature has been retained and upgraded in Rog Musketeer 5plus, which can bring players personalized game experience.

Of course, the functions of keystone also need to be adjusted by using the armury crystal control center. The following is a screenshot:

As a high-end model with 17.3 inch screen, the Rog gun god 5plus is equipped with many interfaces, including three usb3.2gen1type-a interfaces, one gigabit network cable interface, one hdmi2.0b interface and one full-function usb3.2gen2type-c interface (supporting dp1.4 video output and bidirectional PD charging), to meet various connection expansion needs.

In addition, Rog gun god 5plus also supports wi-fi6 technology and adopts rograngboost4 antenna design, which makes wireless network connection faster and more stable.

80W super frequency amd dragon 95900hx processor

For high-performance game books, the sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor, code named cezanne-h, adopts zen3 micro architecture and tsmc7nm process technology, and is divided into eight models according to the number of cores / threads, frequency and TDP. Among them, the Rog gun god 5plus is equipped with a high-end 8-core sharp dragon 95900hx.

Amd has positioned the HX series as a high-end processor. There are two models, Viper 95980hx and viper 95900hx. The specifications are 8 cores, 16 threads, 16MB level-3 cache and 4MB level-2 cache. The basic frequency of the viper 95900hx carried by Rog gun god 5plus is 3.3GHz, and the maximum acceleration frequency can reach 4.6ghz, which is higher than that of the mainstream market positioning viper 75800h.

The following is the details of the Dragon 95900hx identified by aida64cpuid:

The specific power consumption setting of the processor can be viewed through hwinfo64. As the Rog gun god 5plus has passed the factory pre overclocking setting, we can see that the power consumption wall of the sharp dragon 95900hx has been unlocked to 80W, greatly exceeding the default 45wtdp.

Of course, the actual power consumption of the processor will be directly affected by the power supply and cooling capacity of the motherboard. At room temperature of 26 ℃, the enhanced mode is turned on through armury crate control center, the pressure test of single baking FPU is carried out by aida64, and the real-time monitoring is carried out by hwinfo 64. After 8 minutes of operation, the Rog gun god 5plus can ensure that the power consumption of the sharp dragon 95900hx processor is stable at 79w +. At this time, the full core frequency is about 4.0ghz, and the release is excellent, which is bound to bring better performance experience. It is obvious that the 2 cooling system of the glacier (including 2 fans + four outlets + 6 heat pipes + violent bear liquid metals) is really awesome!

CPU-Z is a commonly used processor test software, which has been updated to version 1.95. Version 17 tests run for a short time and with a low load. The score of single thread and multi thread of Rog gun god 5plus equipped with Ruilong 95900hx is 611.8 and 6249.4, which greatly surpasses last year’s high-end 8-core processor core i7-10875h / Ruilong 94900h. It shows that zen3 micro architecture has significantly improved IPC.

Geekbench5 is a popular cross platform processor performance testing software. The Rog gun god 5plus equipped with the sharp dragon 95900hx has a single thread score of 1483 and a multi thread score of 8384, which is also very powerful.

Let’s talk about the common cinebench. As a test software developed based on Cinema4D, cinebench is widely popular. At present, it has been updated to R23 with Cinema4D, which is the traditional advantage project of AMD processor.

When it comes to Rog gun god 5plus, with the release of 80W power consumption, the sharp dragon 95900hx scores 571pts for single thread and 5267pts for multi thread in R20, 1471pts for single thread and 13594pts for multi thread in R23. In the game book, it can be called the top level, and it is also significantly ahead of the models equipped with 8-core processor core i7-10875h / sharp dragon 94900h last year.

V-Ray is a rendering software developed by chaosgroup, a professional developer of renderers. It is the most popular rendering engine in the industry. Using benchmark version 5.0.20 to test, the pure CPU rendering score of Rog gun god 5plus is 9548 vsamples.

Using Blender 2.83 lts version for actual rendering test, importing bwm27 material, Rog gun god 5plus rendering completion time is 3 minutes and 01 seconds, which also highlights the strong performance of 80W Ruilong 95900hx processor.

NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU nearly full of blood

From the previous tests, we can feel that under the strong heat dissipation support of Rog Musen 5plus, the performance of the sharp dragon 95900hx is really very powerful, which can be called the top level in the game book. Of course, in order to get the best performance experience, high-performance GPU is also essential. In this regard, the highest option of Rog gun god 5plus is NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU, which can be described as a combination of strong and strong!

NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU is built based on the ampere architecture, with ga104 as its core, 6144 CUDA units and 16GB gddr6 high-performance independent video memory. Compared with rtx2080 super of Turing architecture, NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU has great progress in performance. In addition, thanks to the ampere architecture, NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU has the third band tensorcore and the second generation rtcore, which can enjoy better RTX real-time ray tracing effect and more powerful dlssai real-time acceleration technology.

The following is the parameter information of nvidiartx3080laptopgpu identified by gpu-z2.38. You can see in details that after the enhanced mode is turned on through the armury crite control center, the core boost frequency reaches 1645mhz, which is higher than the default.

In order to balance the hardware power consumption of the game book, NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU also supports NVIDIA dynamic boost 2.0 Technology (enabled by default). Using aida64 FPU + Furmark double baking test, Rog gun god 5plus can stabilize the power consumption of Raptor 95900hx at about 60W, while NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU can release it to about 115W.

Through the 3dmark test, the score of firestrike project on behalf of Dx11 is 29049, and the score of timespy project on behalf of dx12 is 11612. Generally speaking, the performance of firestrike project on behalf of Dx11 is equivalent to that of rtx3070 desktop version, which is significantly ahead of rtx2080super mobile version.

In terms of actual games, the pconline evaluation room has tested a number of masterpieces, including “lonely island 5”, “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey”, “war machine 5”, “Tomb Raider: Shadow”, “Total War: Three Kingdoms”, etc., all of which have the highest special effects. Thanks to the hard core performance of NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU + AMD Raptor 95900hx, Rog gun god 5plus can maintain a frame rate of more than 60fps when running the above games.

The average frame rate is 98 FPS.

“Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” has an average frame rate of 71 FPS.

The average frame rate of war machine 5 is 121.5 FPS.

Tomb Raider: shadow has the highest image quality, with ray tracing turned off, and the average frame rate is 108 FPS.

Tomb Raider: shadow has the highest image quality, with ray tracing turned off, and the average frame rate is 108 FPS.

Tomb Raider: shadow has the highest image quality, super high ray tracing shadow quality, and the average frame rate is 83 FPS.

The average frame rate of “Total War: Three Kingdoms” is 87.6 FPS.

Comprehensive configuration without short board

In addition to the top processor and graphics card, the other hardware configuration of Rog gunslinger 5plus is almost perfect. For example, it is pre installed with 16GB × 2ddr43200c22 high-frequency memory, which has passed the aida64 test. The memory read speed is 45958mb / s, the write speed is 44472mb / s, the copy speed is 40405mb / s, and the delay is 81.4ns.

On the hard disk side, the Rog gun god 5plus is pre installed with two 1TB Samsung pm981a (supporting raid0), which has passed the crystal diskmark test and has amazing performance!

As for the overall performance of the whole machine, pcmark10 is used to test it. In the standard test, the score of Rog gun god 5plus is 7044.

In the test of pcmark10’s office + edge application, the score of Rog Musketeer 5plus reached an amazing 13680. Specifically, in addition to the performance improvement of the Dragon 95900hx, the two subprojects of “shopping graphics” and “shopping drawing 3D objects” in the edge test also play the advantages of the Rog gun god 5plus 360hz high brush screen, further improving the score.

UL, the organization that developed pcmark and 3dmark, recently launched a new benchmark software Procyon, which includes the running scripts of adobe related software, and provides photo editing benchmark and video editing benchmark.

The photo editing benchmark uses Adobe Lightroom to import, process and modify the selected image, and uses Adobe Photoshop for image editing and layer adjustment. In this test, the version of adobe Lightroom is 10.1.1, and the version of Adobe Photoshop is 22.2.0. The final score of Rog 5 plus is 7177, the score of image retouching is 7252, and the score of batch processing is 7104. In the video editing test, using Adobe Premiere Pro for video export, the score of Rog Musketeer 5plus is 5945.

Awesome configuration of game, ROG gun 5Plus can not only bring the game performance to the game player, but also make the content creator enjoy incomparable productivity and efficiency.

Summary – meet all expectations of players

From the aspect of hardware configuration, Rog gun god 5plus adopts the hard core combination of AMD sharp dragon 95900hx processor + NVIDIA rtx3080 laptop GPU, and brings excellent power release through the powerful glacier cooling architecture 2.0 system. Finally, the performance experience greatly exceeds the expectation, which can be said to set up a new level of game performance and meet all the expectations of players!

In addition, the 360hz high refresh rate, 17.3-inch screen, optical axis mechanical keyboard, 4 speakers supporting Dolby panoramic sound certification, and ubiquitous cool aura Light effect also make the competitiveness of Rog Musketeer 5plus further enhanced. At present, the price of Rog gun god 5plus on Jingdong self operated platform is 26999 yuan. For players with abundant budget, this product is really worth recommending!



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