Here’s a look at these ten generation core game books with high performance

With the release of NVIDIA rtx30 series laptop graphics card in ces2021, with a comprehensive breakthrough in performance, it has successfully opened a new round of upgrading of the game market. Of course, there are many factors that determine the game experience, in addition to the independent graphics card, high-performance processor is also essential configuration.

In April last year, Intel launched the high performance mobile version of the 10th generation core processor code named cometlake-h, with the maximum specification of 8 cores and 16 threads. In addition, Core i7, core i9 and other medium and high-end models support max3.0 technology and thermal velocity boost acceleration, successfully leading the new era of 5GHz frequency of game books.

In terms of other specifications and features, the 10th generation core processor cometlake-h has also achieved comprehensive improvement, such as upgrading the memory controller to support ddr42933 high frequency memory, new dynamic tuning technology, etc. In addition, cnvio2 module is integrated in PCH of cometlake-h, which can support Intel ax201 wireless network card, and finally bring wi-fi6 wireless network for game book. Compared with the previous generation of wi-fi5, the new wi-fi6 standard has greatly improved the throughput, network capacity and maximum transmission speed. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the network delay, allowing players to seize the opportunity faster in the online game world!

At ces2021, Intel continued to improve the product line of the 10th generation of core comet lake-h, and launched two new models of core i5-10500h and core i7-10870h. It also said that the game based on the 10th generation of core and equipped with the latest rtx30 Series graphics card will be on sale soon, and there will be more than 40 products.

After the Spring Festival, a large number of new game products have been put on sale. In this article, the author will recommend several representative and popular products, including Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca5np, Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca7np, machinist zhankong f117-x, Raytheon 911p1, mechanical revolution titanium tantalum plus, etc. Several models cover the price range of 8000 yuan to 12000 yuan. In addition to the unique NVIDIA ampere architecture, they are also equipped with Intel’s 10th generation core cometlake-h processor. At the same time, they meet the requirements of multi-core, high frequency and support the latest wi-fi6 high-speed wireless network.

Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca5np:

Shenzhou Zhanshen Z8 series with balanced and comprehensive configuration, powerful heat dissipation performance, release ability, balanced price and other characteristics, has won the favor of a large number of players. With the introduction of new hardware by Intel and NVIDIA, Shenzhou has also updated the Ares Z8 series, bringing the brand-new ares z8-ca5np.

Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca5np continues the mold of Zhanshen Z8 and upgrades the hardware. It is equipped with NVIDIA rtx3060 graphics card and innovates each SM based on the newly designed ampere architecture. It has 3840 CUDA cores. With the support of the second generation rtcore and the third generation tensorcore, it can support ray tracing and dlss2.0 technology. Compared with the rtx2060 of the previous generation Turing architecture, the game performance is improved We made a further leap forward.

In terms of processor, Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca5np is equipped with Intel Core i5-10500h, with 6 cores and 12 threads, and a single core Rui frequency of 4.5ghz. Its comprehensive performance is more powerful than that of core i5-10300h. Combined with the cooling design of dual fan and 4 copper tubes, it can meet the needs of users for electronic games and productivity at the same time.

Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca5np has a 15.6-inch IPS high-definition display on the front, and can provide a high refresh rate of 144hz for a real immersive game experience.

At present, Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca5np is on sale on the e-commerce platform. You can buy the game book of core i5-10500h + rtx3060 + 16GB + 512gbssd for less than 8000 yuan. The cost performance is excellent. Interested players may as well pay more attention to it.

Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca7np:

In the previous article, we introduced Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca5np. For the players who pursue stronger performance, Shenzhou provides z8-ca7np with higher positioning, and upgrades the processor to core i7-10870h, so as to obtain comprehensive performance improvement.

The core i7-10870h has 8 cores, 16 threads and 16MB three-level cache. It also supports max3.0 technology and thermal velocity boost technology. The single core Rui frequency can reach up to 5.0ghz. Compared with the core i7-10750h, it has a leap forward in performance and is proficient in productivity and game.

Comparison of core i7-10870h and core i7-10750h specifications:

Compared with the Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca5np with core i5-10500h, the Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca7np with core i7-10870h is a high configuration model of the former. It also provides the independent rtx3060 graphics card with NVIDIA ampere architecture, as well as 16gbddr4 dual channel memory, 512gb solid state hard disk, 15.6-inch high refresh rate screen and other hard core configurations, without any short board. In terms of price, the activity price of Shenzhou Zhanshen z8-ca7np is 8599 yuan, which is also cost-effective. Players who need processor performance can pay attention to it.

Mechanic battle air f117-x:

Machinist zhankong f117-x is also one of the heavyweight products in the high-end game market. At present, it has also ushered in the configuration update. The highest option is core i7-10875h + rtx3070.

In terms of processor, machinist zhankong f117-x is also equipped with Intel Core i7-10870h, with 8 cores and 16 threads, 16MB cache, 2.3ghz base frequency, max3.0 acceleration technology and thermal velocity boost acceleration technology. Single core Rui frequency can reach 5.0ghz, which is more balanced and powerful than core i7-10750h.

In terms of graphics card, machinist zhankong f117-x can choose NVIDIA rtx3070 (and unlock the power consumption to 135w). Rtx3070 is built based on ampere architecture. It has 5120 CUDA cores and 8gbgdr6 video memory. Compared with rtx2070, its performance is improved by more than 50%. With core i7-10870h processor, it can cope with all kinds of 3A works without pressure!

The screen of mechanic zhankong f117-x not only meets the high screen ratio brought by 5.5mm narrow frame, but also supports 100% sRGB color gamut coverage, and provides ultra-high refresh rate of 240Hz, so that players can enjoy a better experience in E-sports games.

In addition, the machinist zhankong f117-x retains its strong heat dissipation ability, while its fuselage design is also very fashionable. The A and C sides are made of aluminum alloy, and are processed by metal rolling sand. The texture is extremely excellent; the thickness is 20 mm, and the weight is only 2.3 kg, so that players can carry it with them without pressure.

Machinist zhankong f117-x is also equipped with 16gbddr4 memory and 1tbpice solid state hard disk as standard, so that the overall performance of the whole machine has no short board.

At present, machinist zhankong f117-x is on sale in the machinist Jingdong self operated flagship store. The guiding price is 10699 yuan. The supply is limited. First come first served. Players interested in this product must seize the opportunity to buy it!

Raytheon 911p1:

When it comes to high-performance game books with lightweight design, Raytheon 911p12021 is also a model that can not be ignored. Within the less than 20 mm fuselage, Raytheon 911p12021 is equipped with Intel Core i7-10870h processor and NVIDIA rtx3070 graphics card. Combined with extremely fashionable design, it finally achieves the perfect balance between high performance and portability.

The fuselage appearance design is the biggest highlight of Raytheon 911p12021, the thickest part is only 19.8mm, and the weight of the whole machine is controlled at 1.98kg, which makes it extremely light and thin.

In addition to meeting the requirements of light and thin fuselage, Raytheon 911p12021 has also upgraded its heat dissipation design and adopted a new generation of wind tunnel heat dissipation system to increase air flow by 16%, discharge heat faster and release hardware performance stably.

Of course, the hardware configuration of Raytheon 911p12021 has also reached the high-end level. It is equipped with Intel Core i7-10870h, 8 cores and 16 threads, and the highest core frequency can reach 5.0ghz. It is also matched with NVIDIA rtx3070 graphics card and ampere architecture. It supports dlss2.0 and ray tracing, playing next-generation games without pressure! In addition, hardware such as 16GB dual channel memory and 512gbn vmessd are also standard configuration of Raytheon 911p12021.

At present, Raytheon 911p12021 has been put on the shelves of Raytheon Jingdong’s official flagship store, with a guiding price of 11999 yuan. At present, it has begun to make an appointment. For users who pursue high configuration and high performance, and have a demand for lightweight and portable game books, this product can perfectly meet the demand.

Mechanical revolution titanium tantalum plus:

Mechanical revolution titanium tantalum plus is a full-size game book with a 17.3-inch screen. At present, it has also launched a model with the 10th generation of core + NVIDIA rtx30 Series graphics card.

As a high-end product of mechanical revolution family, mechanical revolution titanium tantalum plus is equipped with Intel Core i7-10875h processor. As the high-end main force of cometlake-h family, core i7-10875h has 8 cores, 16 threads and 16MB three-level cache. It also supports Rui frequency acceleration max3.0 technology and thermal velocity boost acceleration technology. The maximum single core Rui frequency can reach 5.1ghz, which is more powerful than core i7-10870h.

In the aspect of graphics card, the mechanical revolution titanium tantalum plus is upgraded to NVIDIA rtx3070, and the power consumption is unlocked to 140W through the powerful heat dissipation capacity, which is a leap forward compared with the standard rtx2070. The direct connection mode ensures the number of game frames

Mechanical revolution titanium tantalum plus not only has a strong and balanced configuration, but also has a reasonable control of the fuselage volume. The weight of the whole machine is about 2.4kg, and the thickness is 24.9mm. Of course, the mechanical revolution titanium tantalum plus also retains a wealth of interfaces. Combined with the support of wi-fi6 wireless network, there is no pressure to expand.

At present, the price of mechanical revolution titanium tantalum plus in Jingdong self operated platform is 11999 yuan. Combined with 17.3-inch high-quality screen and hardware configuration without short board, the price is very attractive. Supply is also not much, interested players please seize the opportunity to buy.


The five products introduced in this article are all equipped with Intel’s 10th generation core processor cometlake-h, and with the support of NVIDIA ampere rtx3060 or rtx3070 graphics card, the combination of the two, together with wi-fi6 fast network link, finally make the game performance reach a new height, and the majority of players can rest assured to buy.

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