Printing, copying, scanning three in one Canon g2820 printer on sale

Canon g2820 is a high-capacity inking printer with printing, copying and scanning functions. The printing function is more powerful than the previous generation products. At the same time, under the economic mode, the printing capacity of black ink is up to 7600 pages, and the color printing capacity is also increased to 7700 pages, which further reduces the single page output cost, especially enables consumers to print color documents without cost concern. In terms of printing speed, the black-and-white and color printing speed of Canon g2820 reached 9.1ipm and 5.0ipm respectively, which was also significantly improved compared with the previous generation products. It not only supports multiple formats of photos and documents, but also can intelligently print ID photos to meet the printing needs of daily home and office, making printing easier.

打印、复印、扫描三合一 佳能G2820打印机上市热卖送好礼

The new Canon g2820 printer upgrades the inking system, reduces the difficulty of operation, and the differential bayonet can avoid wrong inking. The new ink bottle realizes automatic ink filling, and stops automatically when the ink is full, so there is no need for unnecessary operations such as extrusion, which is simple and fast, and can avoid ink fouling hands.

Because of the limitation of the “cloud 3821” printer, you can still easily use the “cloud 3821” printer to print documents.

打印、复印、扫描三合一 佳能G2820打印机上市热卖送好礼

In addition, whether it is g2820 or g3821, for the initial installation and use of the problems encountered in the process, Canon is also very considerate online “Canon Print Dictionary” small program, just use the mobile phone wechat scan can solve most of the problems encountered in use, they can easily solve at home.

In order to make you feel at ease, Canon also provides one-year standard warranty service, which can be extended to three years after successful registration of products. You can rest assured to buy such intimate service!

At present, Canon g2820 and g3821 inking high-capacity all-in-one printers have been officially launched in recent days. The activity price is only 1089 yuan and 1339 yuan respectively. You can also enjoy multiple good gifts when you buy the machine. Not only the e-card of Jingdong is free, but also the extended warranty is added to make you feel more comfortable.

打印、复印、扫描三合一 佳能G2820打印机上市热卖送好礼

Activity time: March 5, 2021 – April 20, 2021, the heart of friends hurry to buy it!

Author: Shen Pei



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