All round home decoration to create a simple mansion under “Minimalism” life

Owning a luxury house is believed to be the ultimate goal of most people for a better life. So what is a mansion? Is it a space piled up with luxury furniture and high-level art? Is it necessary to have a duplex villa with many rooms, terrace, swimming pool and garden? I believe that under this kind of almost harsh conditions, most people may not really have their own “luxury house” for a lifetime.


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But if we put this problem in the context of “design” and “Aesthetics”, it is another scene. A residence with outstanding design and complete functions can also highlight the extraordinary property of luxury house. Just imagine, if a house can bring us the enjoyment of beauty visually and promote the satisfaction of the soul in the sense, is this kind of comfortable and leisurely sense of acquisition not enough to form the property of “luxury house”? What’s more, today’s society is characterized by material overload, information overload and complicated life, which makes the number of believers of minimalism increase sharply, and it is more conducive for us to pursue “luxury houses” full of personality in different areas of residence.

Breaking away: the simple mansion under the minimalist life

The so-called “simplicity is not simple” is a kind of Philosophy in design. What is the essence of it? That is, different styles contain different rhythms. In the limited space elements, through a certain combination, it can bring changes in the charm of space and improve the quality of life.


(fully enclosed model room – easy to build space – living room)

For example, the design of easy to build space, with gray as the main tone, and then with warm and bright colors as embellishment, the whole space looks like a very reassuring sense of leisure. The choice of furniture is the bright spot. The light gray sofa with larch as the solid wood frame abandons the complicated and redundant decoration, showing the true state of life.


(fully enclosed model room – easy to build space – Master bedroom)

The design of the bedroom is full of curvilinear soft bag bedside, simple natural color system, quiet, calm, modern sense, fashion sense, with a pure attitude to create a simple and flexible design.


(fully enclosed model room – easy to build space – dining room)

The design of the dining room is not cumbersome, and it is interactive with the shed wall in the living room, which also increases the sense of hierarchy. The log color floor, dining table and dining chair blend with each other, and the connection between the depth and the semi open kitchen instantly improves the artistic conception of life.

Xindaya: individual luxury house under the artistic conception of “naturalism”

The word “Xinda Ya” is used in decoration design, which has the meaning of returning to nature. In particular, the design that tends to be “naturalistic” is also permeated with the comfortable luxury property in simplicity.

Take “Norwegian forest”, which is popular among young people, as an example, its design is fresh and natural, superior to collocation, and the space exudes pleasant vitality.


(fully enclosed model room – Norwegian Forest – living room)

The visual feeling of this design is natural, fashionable, simple and mild. The living room space is mainly gray and white, with a full sense of jumping blue. Fas level North American white oak furniture enhances the space texture and taste, including the coffee table, lockers, hangers, TV cabinets, etc. try to reduce metal products, which means that it is infinitely close to nature.


(master bedroom – Norway)

The bedroom and living room maintain the consistency of style, and are still dominated by white, blue and log colors, creating a warm, natural and harmonious private environment. The small intimacy of USB socket at the head of the bed infuses the interest of life.


(all round model room – Norwegian Forest – Restaurant)

Using the horizontal space, the design of the dining room looks chic and free and easy, and the interactive design with the full opening of the living room also fundamentally eliminates some boring factors of the dining room.

Although the above two designs look simple in elements, the docking of each living space shows the beauty of details and simplicity of urban life. To achieve the balance between function and aesthetics is the property of “luxury house”.

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