The origin of Apple Tesla battery?

Apple and Tesla, both giants, have received much attention in their respective fields, but they have not met much. Now they may have a cooperation. On Wednesday, local time, Apple announced that it would build a battery powered renewable energy storage facility near a solar farm in Northern California, which would have up to 240 megawatt hours of energy storage, Reuters reported. It was Tesla that won the battery order.

Apple will use Tesla’s batteries and is expected to build 85 Megapack batteries to help power the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, the Monterey project leader confirmed in an email.

It is understood that Megapack is an energy storage system released by Tesla in 2019. Tesla has deployed 100 MW large batteries of the system in Australia and southern Texas. However, apple is not using the largest capacity of Tesla battery products, only 60 megawatts.

Still, apple calls the project one of the largest battery projects in the United States, claiming that the battery system can power more than 7000 homes a day. After the energy storage area is built, Tesla batteries will be able to store 130 megawatts of power generated by Apple’s solar field.

The project has also made apple confident. They said that more than 110 manufacturing partners worldwide have committed to using 100% renewable energy in the production of Apple products, and nearly 8GW of clean energy will come online. Once completed, more than 15 million tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced each year – equivalent to more than 3.4 million cars on the road each year.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president, also said, “the challenge for clean energy, solar and wind, is that it’s intermittent. If we build it successfully, and we can prove that it works for us, it eliminates the worry about intermittence and helps stabilize the grid. This is something that other companies can imitate or learn from.

However, apple and Tesla did not comment on the news. Beijing business daily contacted the two companies on this cooperation, but as of press, no reply has been received.

Although both companies have received much attention, apple and Tesla do not have much history of cooperation. Tesla CEO musk also said in December last year that he had tried to seek the idea of acquiring his company from apple in 2018, but Apple CEO cook “refused” to meet him at that time.

However, this cooperation may not be groundless. Apple uses lithium-ion batteries in many products, but it’s not working on projects of any grid scale. However, there have been rumors that the company is developing lithium iron phosphate batteries for its electric vehicle projects.

As we all know, Tesla is most famous for its electric cars, and it also spent many years building an energy storage business. Over the years, in addition to the home battery business, it has increasingly participated in large-scale energy storage projects such as apple. In 2019, Volkswagen announced the use of Tesla batteries in some of its electrify America charging stations.

Many people also speculate that this cooperation may be related to Apple’s plan to build electric vehicles. In 2017, there has been news that Apple plans to produce cars, and in recent years, it has become more and more popular. Over the past few years, Apple has owned more than 100 automobile patents, including automatic driving, charging, vehicle system, etc.

Earlier this year, it was also reported that Apple was negotiating with Hyundai to produce self driving electric vehicles in Georgia, with a production capacity of 100000 by 2024. Moreover, it is revealed that Apple will adopt the modern e-gmp pure electric platform, and may also cooperate with GM.

Yan Jinghui, an automobile expert, told Beijing Business Daily that it is not impossible that the cooperation is related to Apple’s car making. After all, according to several rumors and trends, apple is very interested in this. As a technology company, what Apple lacks is not intelligent systems, but technology and experience in car building. Compared with traditional car companies, Tesla’s direction is obviously more suitable for apple. Now we start with batteries. It’s not difficult to talk about them later.

However, Yan Jinghui also believes that if Apple makes cars, Tesla should be its biggest rival.

Interestingly, musk recently tweeted that Tesla might become the largest company in the world. Later, he replied to netizens in the comments area: maybe in a few months, Tesla will surpass apple. However, musk later deleted the comments section of the reply.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Tao Feng Zhao Tianshu

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