Raytheon Samurai 4 on sale: i7 takes rtx3060 for less than 9000 yuan

This year’s game console masterpiece Raytheon Black Warrior generation 4 has been officially on sale. It has a powerful hard core combination of Intel 11th generation desktop processor and rtx30 Series graphics card, which can help players enjoy the new generation of light pursuit games such as cyberpunk 2077. What’s more attractive is that the starting price of Raytheon Black Warrior IV is very close to the people. The core i7-11700 with rtx3060 graphics card only costs 8799 yuan, which can be said to be very fragrant!


The core i7-11700 processor is designed with Intel cypress Cove architecture, 8 cores and 16 threads, with a base frequency of 2.5GHz and a core frequency of 4.9ghz. According to the description of Intel’s core processor, the performance of this generation can be improved by 19%!


At the same time, in order to help the powerful performance of the new generation processor can be fully released, Raytheon Black Warrior’s fourth generation water-cooled game console adopts the third generation partition water-cooled cooling design, which has the advantages of strong heat dissipation and low noise, and promises to pay for the non-human leakage of water-cooled for three years, with the customer-oriented service, eliminating the worries of the players.

Rtx3060 is a new generation of light tracing card, which is based on ga106 display core and has 3584 CUDA cores. According to the official statement of NVIDIA, NVIDIA ampere architecture has new RT core (ray tracing core), tensor core (tensor core) and Sm (streaming multiprocessor). When dealing with ray tracing related computing, the new RT core is 1.7 times as efficient as the original RT core, while the tensor core has 2.7 times of AI performance improvement, and the energy consumption is nearly 1.9 times higher than Turing architecture. It can be said that the efficiency of the architecture is obviously improved.


Having said that, let’s talk about its beauty. Raytheon Samurai four generation water-cooled game console integrates strong mecha aesthetics in the appearance design. For the first time, it adds non direct light source “Mobius atmosphere lamp” into PC products, breaking the boundary between space and time. The whole machine lights up through the night like the burst light armor of transformers. The front panel adopts a new modular and simple disassembly design, opening up a variety of customized panels for users to choose, and the desired panels can be converted according to their own preferences.

Raytheon Samurai four generation water-cooled game console also has a very intimate design, that is, it has the Qi wireless charging function, which can charge mobile phones, headphones, mice and other devices, which is quite convenient and practical.

How about the four generation game console of Raytheon Black Warrior? It has amazing appearance, powerful core and full performance. The model of core i7-11700 with rtx3060 graphics card only costs 8799 yuan, which is really profitable!



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