Air conditioning market comes to the era of “value competition”, JD household appliances and TCL air conditioning jointly develop “new wind track”

After the test of 2020, 2021 is a crucial year for air conditioning manufacturers. From the perspective of the overall environment, first, the prices of copper and other raw materials continue to rise, and the road of price reduction is unsustainable. Second, after the market education in 2020, consumers’ demand for products with health sterilization, self-cleaning, fresh air and other functions has increased significantly. Third, the government work report of 2021 points out that “steady increase in bulk consumption of automobiles and household appliances” and “roll call” household appliances consumption are the key tasks. Air conditioning, as a family necessity, will usher in new opportunities. Under multiple advantages and opportunities, who can achieve product change in place, clear strategic thinking, comprehensive channel layout, who can seize the market and lead the industry with brand and product value advantages.

Nowadays, the public’s health awareness is gradually strengthened, and the demand for quality life is also improving. Especially now, it is the dust season, and people pay great attention to air health. According to the big data and user comments of Jingdong platform, consumers have pain points for “windows can’t be opened for ventilation in dust polluted days” and “air conditioning feels stuffy after being turned on for a long time”. At the same time, clean air, fresh oxygen, temperature and humidity, and intelligent regulation have become the product function points that more and more consumers pay attention to. Since 2020, fresh air air conditioning, as a new category, has become a new outlet for the growth of the whole market due to its ability to replace oxygen and purify air.

 空调市场来到“价值抢滩”时代 京东家电联手TCL空调共拓“新风赛道”

Recently, Jingdong household appliances, together with TCL air conditioner, launched a new TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner in the c2m reverse customization of Jingpin household appliances based on the big data of platform consumption. The new fresh air conditioner is developed and customized jointly by both sides with the user’s healthy breathing demand as the core to help consumers realize “healthy air freedom”.

It is understood that its “little blue wing” will set CO 2 content recognition, air cleanliness recognition, distance recognition, temperature recognition, humidity recognition and other sensor recognition functions in one, and become the main switch to protect the health of users. The carbon dioxide content recognition function can intelligently monitor the indoor carbon dioxide content, and immediately open the intelligent fresh air health technology module if it exceeds the standard; the air cleanliness recognition function can intelligently monitor the indoor PM2.5 content, and automatically open the intelligent fresh air health technology module if it exceeds the standard. The distance recognition function realizes the self opening of the intelligent soft wind health technology module by perceiving the user’s distance, so that the user can feel the softer and healthier air.

 空调市场来到“价值抢滩”时代 京东家电联手TCL空调共拓“新风赛道”

As for the cooperation, TCL air conditioning said that after eight years of close cooperation with Jingdong household appliances, everyone is growing rapidly. Especially in 2020, the strategic cooperative relationship between the two sides will be further deepened, and in-depth project cooperation will be carried out with the attitude of all in. In 2021, TCL air conditioning will promote the popularization and development of fresh air conditioning in the air conditioning industry with the image of “know your healthy air expert” and join hands with Jingdong household appliances, and is committed to bringing a healthy and constant temperature comfortable fresh air environment to every consumer. Jingdong household appliances also said that the cooperation between the two sides is a high degree of integration of digital and manufacturing industry, from production to marketing and production according to demand. It hopes to optimize the supply at both ends, at the same time, use higher value and high-quality fresh air air conditioning products to give all consumers a healthier new life, and promote the popularization of emerging market and structural upgrading of air conditioning industry.

In the field of c2m reverse customization, Jingdong household appliances will continue to cooperate with TCL air conditioner in depth, continuously actively tap user needs based on big data and AI algorithm, develop and produce exclusive customized products of various categories such as air conditioner, quickly open up the field of household appliances customization with differentiation advantages and brands, accelerate the launch of detailed categories, promote the popularization of new categories, new products and new technologies, and use solid high-quality products Products let consumers with different needs feel their own quality life upgrade. At the same time, with the advent of the era of “intelligent manufacturing of household appliances” assisted by digitalization, it has become a powerful driving force for the seamless integration of digital economy and real economy in the field of household appliance manufacturing.



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