New film queue, old film still hot

In the film market, every holiday seems to have the attribute of “schedule” and become the gathering place of films. The Qingming Festival holiday is no exception. Not only are 10 new films headed by the film “my sister” waiting in line for release, but the films such as “Godzilla vs. King Kong” which have been on the big screen before are still hot. The gathering of many films also makes this Qingming film more crowded.

It is undeniable that the Qingming Festival is relatively “low-key” compared with other festivals. However, in recent years, the box office of the festival has continued to rise. Whether small films or some blockbusters have joined in, it makes people think about how much space the Qingming Festival has.

Crowded schedule

Although the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is only three days, it has also attracted a number of films.

According to the professional edition of cat’s eye, in this year’s Qingming Festival, a total of 10 new films will officially meet with the audience. The themes involve family, fantasy, animation, love, comedy, adventure and other types. Behind the scenes are Chen Jianbin, Zhou Xun, Zhang Zifeng, Dapeng, dou Jingtong, Papi sauce, Zhang Chao and other directors and actors.

As of 17:30 on April 1, the number of people who want to see my sister’s cat’s eye has reached 473000, and the total pre-sale box office has reached 25.68 million yuan, ranking first among the 10 films. In addition, the total pre-sale box office of “tomorrow will be fine”, “the eleventh chapter” and “journey to the West: the reincarnation of the demon king” are more than 2 million yuan, and the number of people who want to see cat’s eye is more than 100000.

Just as 10 new films are waiting in line for release, the films that have been on the big screen before are not willing to be outdone and become a force that can not be ignored in the Qingming archives.

Just on March 31, the movie “the first departure”, which made its domestic premiere in July last year, reappeared in front of the audience as a remake. On April 1, eight remakes including “King Kong Chuan” and “hundred regiments battle” also entered the cinema for a new round of screening, making the number of remakes increasingly large.

In addition, the film “Godzilla vs. King Kong” just released a week ago is still hot at this stage, and continues to show box office appeal. According to the pre-sale situation from April 3 to 5, the film’s daily pre-sale box office temporarily ranked second, after “my sister”.

With the double blessing of new and old films, Qingming stalls are becoming more and more crowded. Liu He, a film critic, believes that although there have been cases in the market where films can still get better box office performance even though they haven’t chosen to be released on holidays, some films are still willing to choose the holidays where people have more time to get better market feedback.

The list is constantly changing

Although the current list of Qingming films has listed the names of many films, during the period before the schedule, the list is in a state of continuous change. From one point of view, it can be seen that there are still some doubts about the decision of the relevant films to be released during the Qingming holiday.

Take the animated film “submarine story: Journey to the center of the earth” as an example, which was released on April 3 in January this year and entered the Qingming Festival. However, near the Qingming Festival, the name of the film has disappeared from the release list. According to the cat’s eye professional edition, the release date of “submarine story: Journey to the center of the earth” has been adjusted to June 11.

Another animated film “dinosaur flying car” is also one of the films that choose to withdraw the file. According to public information, the film was originally planned to be released on April 3, but now there is no definite release date for the film in cat’s eye professional edition.

There are films that are temporarily transferred or withdrawn, and there are also films that suddenly appear in the later period and squeeze into the schedule. Among them, the film “detective wushide” is the one that chose to join the Qingming Festival in the later stage. According to public information, the film is currently scheduled to be officially released on April 3.

“Qingming file is still different from other schedules.” Liu he said that since Tomb Sweeping Day is a time for people to visit their graves and miss their relatives and friends, and at the same time, some people will go out for an outing in the spring, which will inevitably distract people’s time and energy in watching movies, the Tomb Sweeping Festival also appears to be “low-key” in other schedules, affecting the film’s choice of the schedule.

In addition to the characteristics of Qingming archives, the addition of many films to the schedule is also a factor affecting the decision-making of the film makers. Director Huang Zhiyong told Beijing Business Daily that the holiday itself is only three days, and people’s time and energy will be scattered. In case of other highly competitive works, some films may choose to give way temporarily. Some films hope to take a share of the overall popularity of the market. Of course, some films have to be screened based on their own planning, which leads to the emergence of film lists Changes.

Looking for market positioning

Judging from the box office data of Qingming archives over the years, the box office scale of this period is gradually increasing in recent years.

According to the professional edition of cat’s eye, from 2016 to 2019, the box office scale of Qingming stall will be 585 million yuan, 594 million yuan, 687 million yuan and 692 million yuan respectively. Although the annual growth rate is not big, at least it is only several million yuan, at most it is only less than 100 million yuan compared with the previous year, but it is really in the trend of growth.

At the same time, the Ching Ming Festival has also attracted more films with market appeal into the market, and some films have won higher box office in this period. For example, “King Kong: Skull Island”, “the sacrifice of suspect X” released in 2017, “number one player” in 2018, “anti corruption storm 4” and “Thunderclap! 》And so on, are the high box office movies in the Qingming archives over the years.

“If it’s too rigid and has to be released on a large schedule, it will become a shackle of the film market.” In the view of producer Liu Sihua, it is a fact that the audience will have a greater desire to watch movies during the holidays, which can bring higher box office, but it does not mean that the audience will not have the desire to watch movies at ordinary times. If the film is enough to attract the audience and fit in with the market at that time, it can also achieve satisfactory box office results. Therefore, different types of films need to find their own market positioning and arrange the release time according to the actual situation.

Industry insiders believe that there are still some special circumstances in this year’s Qingming Festival. On the one hand, it is the influence and adjustment of the previous special period on the film market, on the other hand, it comes from the film itself. Huang Zhiyong believes that the box office performance of a film is inseparable from the quality of the film itself and the influence of the objective environment. However, without the guarantee of quality, even if the objective environment is superior, it is difficult to achieve ideal results.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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