The best way for the goddess festival to come is to watch the film and relax

With the advent of Goddess day, many young students must have begun to study how to spend it. This year’s goddess Festival is also connected with Saturday and Sunday, so you can really have a long holiday for yourself. Shopping, buying clothes, eating, shopping, etc. In the evening, gather a few sisters to watch the movie together in the room, which can promote the festival experience to a higher level. What kind of projector is suitable? When the shell D3x has a strong performance, high quality features, there is no pressure to watch entertainment. Exquisite and luxurious design can also add a lot of points in front of sisters.

When it comes to watching movies, what we like is not only the big screen in the cinema, but also the visual feast brought by high-quality pictures. In fact, it’s not only the cinema that can do it, but it’s also possible to have such an experience at home as a D3x. Because it is equipped with 2020 German OSRAM LED technology light source, the brightness of the picture can easily reach 1050ansi lumen, and the service life is up to 30000 hours, 8 hours a day, and 10 years.

Secondly, its hdr10 dynamic remodeling technology can enhance the color, enrich the light and dark levels, make the light more full and bright, and the dark level more delicate and profound, so that you can enjoy it more. Global MEMC motion compensation can make every tiny motion be captured clearly. This technology can make the picture effect more realistic and stable, and the processing more fine. The millisecond level frame filling technology can effectively eliminate the drag phenomenon of the moving picture, and make the high-speed dynamic picture clearer.

Although the projection is good, but many family conditions are limited, it is difficult to make the projection in the right distance to the wall. Equipped with a TOF laser sensor, the dangbei D3x can save you trouble. The sensor can focus automatically in real time without manual adjustment, and always presents high-definition picture, so it can be more attentive from now on. The breakthrough focusing algorithm makes it automatic, insensitive, fast, accurate and clear. Automatic trapezoidal correction can capture the state of the projection picture in real time, adjust the upper, lower, left and right sides automatically, and always present the square picture. The high sensitivity gyroscope can sense the change of position and angle in real time, which is not limited by space. Even if it is placed randomly, the picture can quickly return to square.

Dangbei D3x can also bring you a good use experience, because its dangbei OS will be continuously updated and interactive innovation. It’s like brushing your cell phone. There is no advertisement when you turn on the computer. It can be started in 6 seconds. You can also customize your desktop and put the required functions in the most prominent position. The built-in intelligent memory optimization technology can keep the system in a good state at all times, improve performance, and reject stuck. In terms of video resources, it integrates the full resources of iqiyi, mango TV, Tencent, Youku and other well-known video platforms. The super long time movie source can meet your demand for watching movies, and entertainment is never closed. Intimate double speed x2 play function, can help you more efficient brush play.

Seeing this, many goddesses who are already mothers begin to worry that their children will be addicted to various programs, which will affect their learning. When Bei D3x has prepared children’s desktop attentively, the content presented is filtered, and there are rich children’s content to help children learn. The viewing time can also be controlled, and parents can well control whether it is learning or entertainment.

It can be seen that dangbei D3x is very suitable for all goddesses. Whether you are single or married, you can use it to enjoy your life. Whether you are watching movies with your friends or spending a good parent-child time with your children, it is a good experience in life.

Finally, let’s make a point. For the goddesses who need to buy a new projector at home, don’t place an order randomly. Remember to buy dangbei D3x at dangbei flagship store from March 5 to March 8. They can enjoy the goddess festival activity price of 2999 yuan + 6 interest free + dangbei card, unlock more VIP content, and all kinds of discounts will make you call Zhenxiang!

Author: Ding Dong


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