The latest scoring list of German media comes out, and find X3 Pro tops the list

Recently, after the evaluation of oppo find X3 pro, German technology media connect gave it the highest evaluation of very good, with a score of 441 points, which is also the highest score among the models they have evaluated.

德媒最新评分榜单出炉,Find X3 Pro登顶榜首

Connect commented that the find X3 Pro is one of the best designs they have ever seen. Like the Samsung S21 series, it hopes to make the camera and fuselage transition more organic. What’s better than Samsung is that there is no fault in the connection, but through a gentle rising curve, the lens and back are integrated. In this market where design is generally convergent, this is undoubtedly a real innovation.

德媒最新评分榜单出炉,Find X3 Pro登顶榜首

Find X3 Pro not only has a comfortable grip without breakpoint design, oppo has also successfully built a compact and lightweight flagship product. Despite its top performance, screen, high-quality imaging system and 65W fast charging, the find X3 Pro is only 8.3mm in thickness and 193g in weight (compared with the Samsung S21 ultra, which is 9mm / 227g). In addition, it also supports the IP68 certification. It can be said that there is no better design.

Finally, connect also concluded that since the launch of find x2 Series in Germany last year, oppo has made impressive progress, and find X3 Pro will become the most powerful competitor of Samsung S21 series with its excellent and lightweight fuselage design.



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