Silent + double tower cooling, cool and supreme Blizzard t624 evaluation

Whether a processor can give full play to its performance depends largely on whether the heat sink is strong enough. Especially now, Intel 10 / 11 and amd5000 series processors are playing the high-end multi-core routine, and the heat increases with the improvement of processor performance. Is the heat fast enough to reduce the frequency? It seems to have become the norm. So recently, there are many netizens who have no brain to advocate how powerful the AIO water cooling is and how cost-effective it is. But I can tell you that there is no free lunch in the world. The water cooling efficiency of cheap AIO is poor, which is not as good as a high-end air cooling.

Among all kinds of heat dissipation, I still like to recommend you to buy high-end double tower fans. Unfortunately, there are few models that can stand in the first echelon of high-end air cooling. It’s hard to get some new faces. This is not cool, we brought a surprise – Blizzard t624

Blizzard t624 is the first flagship air-cooled cooling product with double 14cm vortex fans, double towers and 6 heat pipes. The whole appearance is not in pursuit of pleasing RGB design, but in the way of returning to simplicity. The all black treatment makes people feel professional easily. The general feeling is that Zen says: “this is what high-end air cooling is like.”.

What’s more interesting about the back of the product packaging is the split picture of Blizzard t624: black aluminum top cover, double whirlpool 140 fan, double tower cooling, 6 nickel plated heat pipes and simple installation module. Such a picture is more vivid and attractive than more words.

The side is the basic parameter of Blizzard t624. Note that the size of radiator is 144.9×153.2x160mm. Due to the design of large twin towers, there are certain requirements for the chassis and installation space. However, in order to improve memory compatibility, Blizzard t624 is additionally equipped with vortex 120 fan, which can enhance memory compatibility while pursuing higher performance.

Blizzard t624 liner has a strong protection performance. The upper layer is the accessory warehouse, the lower layer is the fan and heat dissipation body, and the thick sponge is directly used as the protective layer around. The top radiator has a strong sense of unpacking ceremony.

A whirlpool 140, a whirlpool 120 fan, independent packaging protection

The performance of these two whirlpool fans delivered by Blizzard t624 is not poor. Whirlpool 140 can provide 67cfm, while whirlpool 120 can provide 62cfm. Moreover, the high air volume is compatible with noise control, and the maximum noise is only 27dba. Later, we will also test the noise effect of Blizzard t624 with fans.

Blizzard t624 cooling body is very big and strong. The overall black color is really attractive. It can also prevent the oxidation of heat pipe, heat sink and fin after long-time use, and it is easy to clean the dust in the later stage.

The addition of blackened aluminum top cover obviously improves the color of Blizzard t624. The surface is treated by wire drawing process. With the old cool master logo, the top is full of metal texture.

The screws on the left and right sides are the simple installation screws of the radiator. The top goes directly through the radiator body and is equipped with the installation fastener at the bottom, so that we can tighten the screws at the top to install the radiator.

From the side, we can clearly see the design of Blizzard t624 twin towers, with up to 43 heat dissipation fins forming a super large heat dissipation area. Coupled with two whirlpool 140 fans, the heat dissipation efficiency is certainly not poor.

Fin process between fins is very good, the gap between each fin is basically consistent, which can ensure that the heat on the fins can be quickly taken away. Moreover, the design of two fin buckles in parallel makes the fin more resistant to extrusion and makes the radiator more stable as a whole.

Here someone will ask, is there a small hole between each heat pipe and the fin? This is a sign of the adoption of reflow soldering technology. Even though the opening of the heat dissipation fin is quite accurate, there is still a small gap between the fin and the heat pipe. With the use of soldering technology, we can make the two closely connected, and the heat dissipation efficiency is also higher. Moreover, reflow soldering technology is a relatively mature processing technology, which is much higher than the cost and efficiency of general piercing, and it is also a technology often used in high-end radiators.

Careful netizens will find that Blizzard t624 radiator bottom fin is a ladder design, which can provide better memory compatibility. At the same time, if the user’s memory is too high, the front-end can not install vortex 140, you can also use the vortex 120 as a gift, so that the dual fan can not only ensure memory compatibility, but also have higher efficiency.

Blizzard t624 is designed with 6 nickel plated heat pipes, and the heat pipe area is evenly distributed, so that the heat absorbed can be evenly distributed to the cooling fins as far as possible.

The gap left by the contact between the heat pipe and the base is quite small, and it can be seen that the heat pipe and the base are reinforced by welding, and the heat dissipation efficiency is greatly improved.

Blizzard t624 copper base grinding treatment is quite good, the mirror effect is good, the milling process left traces of the surface base is convex bottom design, can make the base more comprehensive contact with the surface of the CPU.

Blizzard t624 accessories: 4pinpwm fan interface, L-shaped screwdriver, two amd platform fasteners, two Intel platform fasteners, universal base, and a number of accessories screws. Although the simple installation module installation is really simple, but the initial installation of the netizen or think that the hands-on ability is poor, you can first read the manual and then hands-on installation.

Amd-am4 platform installation

Remove all AM4 fasteners from the motherboard

AM4 bottom fastener is composed of universal fastener and corresponding bottom part screw

Then connect four fastener mounting columns and tighten them

With two amd fasteners, the screw position is just opposite to the fastener hole

Then install four fastener screws, so that amd-am4 fastener has been installed

Application of silicone grease — mastergelpro, heat transfer system 8W / m-k

Press down the radiator, align with the screw holes on the fastener, and then tighten the screws directly from above. It’s better to use the rhythm of three left and three right. The radiator is tighter, the silicone grease is pressed more evenly, and the heat sink base is closer to the CPU.

After installing the heat sink, you can see from the side that the compatibility of Blizzard t624 is very good. It can’t touch the memory at all, and it also gives enough space to the memory. Even the x299 or trx40 platform is easily compatible.

In the front of the radiator after the installation of vortex 120 effect picture, the effect is quite good, can not top the memory location, but the RGB lamp effect is blocked.

Test link:

We will take the installed platform to do related tests, platform information: amdr95900x + ASUS rogc8h + four Zhiqi Royal halberd DDR4 memory, test the first processor tpui (4.2ghz) + memory DOCP, test the second processor manual overclocking to 4.5ghz + memory DOCP, respectively check the CPU temperature and cpupackage temperature of the platform.

Test conditions: in a quiet evaluation room, about 36.3 DBA, the room temperature is controlled at 22 degrees, and there is no obvious airflow interference on the test platform.

Test 1 processor overclocking to 4.2ghz (1.024v)

In the case of Blizzard t624 vortex 140 + vortex 120, the fan speed mode is standard, the real-time fan speed is 868prm, and the CPU temperature is 52 ℃.

In the case of Blizzard t624 vortex 140 + vortex 120, the fan speed mode is full speed, the real-time fan speed is 1374prm, and the CPU temperature is 47 ℃.

In the r95900x processor 1.024v overclocking to 4.2ghz, Blizzard t624 standard fan mode, FPU toaster CPU temperature is 52 degrees; and fan full speed mode, FPU toaster CPU temperature is 47 degrees; there is a difference of 5 degrees between different modes, of course, the standard fan mode, we can get lower noise.

Test 2 processor manual overclocking to 4.5ghz 1.136v

In the case of Blizzard t624 vortex 140 + vortex 120, the fan speed mode is the standard mode, the full load CPU temperature of FPU is 61 degrees, just reaching the CPU temperature threshold of 60 degrees under the standard mode, and the fan speed is 1369 rpm at full speed.

In this test, we chose the test of bare platform outside the chassis: the maximum noise value of Blizzard t624 vortex 140 + vortex 120 under aida64 load is 43.9dba, In fact, the noise of the vortex fan is very small within 1000prm, but the wind noise generated by the two fans is a little larger when the speed is increased to about 1200rpm. In fact, 43.9dba is also the value measured at a short distance. If the fan is pulled out one meter or installed in the chassis, the noise is very small and almost inaudible.


In terms of efficiency, Blizzard t624 whirlpool 140 + whirlpool 120 has the highest efficiency, which is 3 ~ 4 degrees lower than that of single whirlpool 140. Even the 4.5g high frequency 5900x can be easily suppressed at 65 degrees, not to mention the 47 degrees of 4.2g used by netizens daily. This kind of temperature performance is really satisfying. At the same time, Blizzard t624 noise performance is also more surprising to the author, 5900x processor at 4.2g When the fan speed is less than 1000 rpm, there is almost no noise. When the fan speed reaches 4.5g, when the double fan speed reaches 1167 PRM, the noise value is improved, but it is still relatively quiet. This is the high-end radiator should have efficient heat dissipation, low noise, such a radiator can be called the flagship heat dissipation reputation. Cool top Blizzard t624 has been on the shelves of major e-commerce platforms. Those who like it can pay attention to the preferential launch price of new products.

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