Jiedian and soudian announced merger

Beijing business daily (reporter Qian Yu, Pu Zhenyu) on the evening of April 1, Jiedian announced that Jiedian and soudian, the brands of sharing power bank, were formally merged, and the two sides would jointly form a new group company. Since then, “Jiedian” and “soudian” will be the two sub brands of the same group company, and maintain the original business and team independent operation. The management teams of the former Jiedian and soudian will form a new board of directors together with the investment institutions, and implement the joint CEO system. The announcement said that after the merger, the user scale will exceed 360 million, and the peak daily order will reach 3 million orders / day.

At the same time, soudian also announced the formal completion of two consecutive rounds of financing, with a cumulative financing scale of more than 800 million yuan. The two rounds of financing have been completed in the past six months, both led by Qianhai master fund and followed by Dongfang Fuhai SME development fund, CITIC Securities Investment and other institutions.

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