Win10 revolutionary improvement! The driver will be separated from the system directory

[pconline information] in win10, if you want to drive some specific hardware, such as graphics card, network card, etc., driver is essential. Generally speaking, after installing the hardware, the system will automatically deploy the corresponding driver and provide automatic upgrade service through windows update. However, there are some problems in win10 driver mechanism, which may cause system problems.

In the current win10 system, all drivers, including the third-party drivers, are installed in the specific folder of system32 directory, which may cause system failure. According to windows lastest, win10 is finally going to make changes in this area.

It is reported that in the update of win10 21h2 “Solar Valley”, win10 drivers will be placed outside the system32 directory. Win10 will install the third-party programs in a new “oemdrivers” directory, the specific location is “C: Windows oemdrivers”, and the system directory “C: Windows system32” will no longer place the third-party driver files.

As shown in the screenshot above, this new feature has appeared in the preview version of win10. If you want to experience it, you can upgrade to the preview version of win10 21h2.

In fact, this feature does not only appear in win10 system, but also in win10x system. The “oemdrivers” folder enables the operating system to be separated from the third-party drivers, and users can even let the drivers run in the sandbox, which brings security improvements.

Of course, the improvement brought by this new mechanism is not limited to security, it will also bring performance improvement, especially if you often need to update the driver.

However, it is still unknown whether the stability will be improved. It is not clear whether isolating the third-party driver will reduce the blue screen crash error and other system crashes of win10.

In addition to the separation of driver and system directory, some other mechanisms of win10x will also appear in win10. For example, the operations center uses a new adaptive interface that allows users to access quick settings and notifications more efficiently. In addition, other modules such as the start menu will use rounded visual elements instead of the current right angle.

At present, Microsoft has begun to test the new personalization and touch keyboard, and improve the touch experience of file explorer, using some new icons in the actual installation. Let’s look forward to the official arrival of win10 21h2.

Author: Aimo


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