How to choose home router brand recommendation

Now we can’t do without smart products such as mobile phones. Whether it’s video brushing or reading articles, it’s not good to rely on traffic alone. Therefore, many families will install routers. Let’s tell you how to choose a router by the back color of the PC.

1、 How to choose home router

1. Wireless rate

The higher the frequency is, the easier the distortion is. 20MHz can achieve 144mbps bandwidth in 11n, which has good penetrability and long transmission distance (about 100m); 40MHz can achieve 300mbps bandwidth in 802.11n, which has poor penetrability and short transmission distance (about 50m).

2. Number of ports

The vast majority of home wireless router products in the market have built-in switches, generally including one Wan (wide area network) port and four LAN (local area network) ports. In general, this is enough to meet the needs of users. If you need more Wan ports and LAN ports, you should pay attention to the interfaces behind the router when you buy it. How many Wan ports and LAN ports are there to meet your own needs.

3. Built in firewall

In order to ensure the security of the network, the wireless router should also have built-in firewall function.

2、 Brand recommendation of home router

1. Pu Lian tp link

Shenzhen Pulian Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the few companies in China with completely independent R & D and manufacturing capabilities. It is a high-tech enterprise.

2. Tengda

Shenzhen Jixiang Tengda Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading network equipment provider in the world. It is committed to the R & D, production and sales of home wireless, commercial wireless and switch series.

3. Huawei

Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1987, is famous for its innovative technology. It is the world’s leading supplier of information and communication technology solutions. Huawei is no stranger to everyone, and its router is also a good choice.

When choosing a router, the key points are wireless speed, number of ports and whether to install a built-in firewall. For those who are choosing a router, pchouse also lists several good brands for your reference.

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