Android mobile phone performance list in March: the battle for the flagship of Xiaolong 888

Just in the past March, mobile phone manufacturers have been playing chicken blood. They have really made it possible for you to sing and I will be on the stage. New phones are released almost every two days. This density may be difficult to surpass in the future.

Why? After years of market validation, it is the most stable way to launch two or three flagship brands in a year, and this time is divided into the first half and the second half. Therefore, March is the best time to maintain the brand popularity in the first half of the year, becoming a month that mobile phone manufacturers attach great importance to.

However, such an intensive release of new phones is still very rare in the mobile phone market. It can be predicted that the mobile phone market in the future will be more fierce, especially in the domestic mobile phone market, which has been settled before. With the production problems of a mobile phone giant, it will generate a huge market share out of thin air, so this is another reason for the frequent release of new phones in March.

Let’s not talk about how the market will develop. With so many new phones released in March, let’s see what changes will happen to the Android phone performance list.


The time of this data statistics is from March 1 to March 31, 2021. The results in the list are the average scores rather than the highest scores, and the data statistics of a single model are & gt; 1000, which are calculated based on the version V8 of antinu. If a single model has multiple storage capacity versions, the version with the highest score is the main one.

In addition, I would like to remind you that this list may be the last issue of antinu V8, and the new V9 data will be used in the next issue. Compared with V8, several test items have been added to give full play to the performance of mobile phones, so the score calculation will be higher.


As the list shows, the number one Android flagship performance list is black shark game phone 4 Pro, with an average score of 765579, has become the model with the highest running score of snapdragon 888. By comparing the sub scores, it is found that the 3D and MEM scores of the machine are significantly ahead of each other. The 3D score lies in the continuous high frequency exchange of GPU. In the previous evaluation, the author also found that the machine has excellent heat dissipation capacity, so the GPU maintains high frequency for a longer time.

The performance of MEM is interesting. Black Shark 4 Pro has a built-in SSD directly. It can read and write memory in parallel through the combination of RAID disk array and UFS 3.1 flash memory. The storage performance is completely ahead of others. In addition, it is full of lpddr5 memory, which makes its MEM performance outstanding. At the beginning of the evaluation, the author predicted that the machine may take the first place in the performance list of the same period.

In the second place is oppo find X3 pro, with an average score of 742078. The performance of the machine is almost the same as that of black shark 4 pro, which is the first place, mainly lagging behind MEM, indicating that the performance tuning of the machine is also quite unrestrained. Through the author’s evaluation, it is found that the daily and game fever of find X3 Pro is not obvious, but the temperature will increase significantly after running.

In addition, the machine is still running color OS 11.2, and the system resource scheduling is more optimized than the last version. According to the official description, it improves the performance by 32%, and uses a new UX algorithm, as well as read-only compression, random read-write and sequential read-write speed.

Xiaomo and Honglong are ranked third in terms of average cooling rate, with 746 GPU and 8886 GPU. In the actual test, through the continuous game to see its frame rate performance, many 3D scenes have no significant fluctuations, Red Devils adhere to so many years of fan cooling, really has a certain effect.

Although the red devil 6 Pro uses a 165hz high swipe screen, the UX performance has not improved significantly. After checking, it is found that some users have not turned on the 165hz mode to run points. It is suggested that in order to give full play to the performance of the mobile phone, it is recommended to release all the mobile phone performance.

The rest are also the latest models equipped with snapdragon 888. In fact, their overall performance is not very different. Most of them improve their performance through system resource scheduling and heat dissipation, with the exception of black shark 4 pro, which won the first place with its unique storage performance.

Well, the flagship mobile phone performance list has come to an end. Let’s take a look at the mid end mobile phone performance list in March.


March is the month when the flagship of each manufacturer comes on the stage, so there are very few mid-range models released. Compared with previous issues, the list has not changed much. The redmi 10x with Tianji 820 still ranks first, with an average score of 399923. The same version of redmi 10x Pro follows closely. The core performance of the two is basically the same, and there is nothing to compare.

Look at the third model, which is also the vivo s7t equipped with Tianji 820, with an average score of 393918. Through comparison, it is found that the gap between the three models is not obvious, almost equal, and other models have nothing to say. They are all old models. They have been mentioned many times. If you are interested, you can search and view the previous list.

Finally, to sum up, this time is the middle end empty window period. In fact, suppliers have mid end plans, but they have not yet released them. After all, they have to follow the product strategy. However, referring to the previous information, both Qualcomm and MediaTek are preparing mid – and high-end processors, and instead of the old flagship 7Nm, they are using a more advanced 6nm process. Therefore, the mid end mobile phone market in 2021 may be very prosperous Good looking, you can squat a wave.

In terms of flagship mobile phones, such an intensive release of snapdragon 888 makes people doubt that there will be a stronger release of Qualcomm’s flagship SOC in the second half of the year. Is it snapdragon 888 plus? In addition, due to the problem of time, the current list does not include the models that have not been put on sale or will be put on sale soon, such as Xiaomi 11 ultra and one plus 9 pro. How about their performance and whether they can surpass the existing models? See you next time.



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