How to choose a home projector

As a household appliance, projector has become more and more common now. How to choose the home projector? Take a look at the precautions of home projector shared by pchouse.

1、 How to choose home projector

1. Brightness of light source

Choose the appropriate light source according to your own scene. If you watch the projector as a TV in the bedroom at night, the brightness of LED light source with more than 1000 ANSI lumens is enough; if you want to use the projector in the living room with bright light, it is recommended to choose the projector with bulb light source or laser light source with more than 2000 ANSI lumens.

2. Display chip

The larger the size of the display chip, the better the image quality and the higher the price. Most home projectors use DLP chips. The chip size within 3000 yuan is 0.33 inch, about 4000 yuan is 0.47 inch, and about 10000 yuan is 0.65 inch.

3. Projector lens

Choose the model with small projection ratio and left and right trapezoidal correction. The projection ratio is related to how large a picture you can project. For example, if the projection ratio is 1:1, then the projector is 1 meter away from the wall, it can project a 1 meter long picture, which is about 45 inches. At a distance of 3 meters, you can project a 3-meter-long image, about 135 inches in size.

2、 Precautions for home projector

1. Determine the model according to the mode of use

Before purchase, the type of machine should be determined according to the use environment to avoid inconvenience after purchase.

2. The brightness and contrast should be moderate

High brightness can make the projection image of the projector clear and bright, but the higher the brightness, the more expensive it is. Moreover, the projector with high brightness will be very dazzling when used in small environments such as home rooms, which is easy to cause eye fatigue. Long term viewing will affect the health of users.

3. Choose a projector with proper resolution

The higher the resolution, the clearer the image of the projector and the higher the price. If economic conditions permit, it is best to buy XGA standard projector.

4. Pay attention to the projection distance

For home users, the living area is very limited, and the distance between the installed projector and the screen is not big. Therefore, for the narrow space of the home environment, the projection distance becomes one of the important conditions for the purchase of projectors. Users should compare the projection distance of different projectors under the same projection diagonal size.

How to choose a home projector? Or according to their own needs and economic conditions to buy better. The matters needing attention of home projector are as above. You can pay more attention when you buy a projector.

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