How to choose the brand of household central air conditioner

Air conditioning is just the good news for us in summer. I hate to stay in air conditioning everywhere. Now many people like to install central air conditioning in their homes. Let’s let pchouse tell us how to choose central air conditioning.

1、 How to choose household central air conditioner

1. Determine external machine specifications

Before purchasing, we must first understand the specific indoor area of the air conditioner, and select the cooling capacity of the external unit of the air conditioner according to the actual use. Generally speaking, the actual use of cooling capacity is often not the sum of all the room cooling capacity, but lower than the latter, only need to reach about 60% – 70% of the latter.

2. Look at the noise

Noise is the noise produced by the air conditioner when it is running, which is mainly produced by the internal evaporator and the external condenser. The noise of air conditioner is mainly produced by internal evaporator and external condenser. According to the national regulations, the noise of indoor units and outdoor units of air conditioners with refrigerating capacity below 2000W shall not be greater than 45dB and 55dB respectively; the noise of indoor units and outdoor units of split air conditioners with refrigerating capacity between 2500W and 4500W shall not be greater than 48dB and 58db respectively.

3. Choose professional services

The design scheme of household central air conditioning has a lot to do with the structure and orientation of the house. Professional air conditioning designers are needed to design the location of indoor units and air outlets. Therefore, when choosing household central air conditioning, professional air conditioning service providers should be selected.

2、 Brand recommendation of household central air conditioning

1. Mitsubishi Electric

When it comes to the brand of Mitsubishi Electric, we may not know as much about central air conditioning as Gree Daikin, but there is no doubt that Mitsubishi Electric is a first-line brand of central air conditioning, with advanced components compressor, frequency conversion technology and refrigeration technology.

2. Daikin

Dajin, as the first central air conditioning brand to enter the Chinese market, has a high market share and is also a good brand in marketing. Before 2008, Dajin mainly promoted the original machine import to seize the market, and then set up a Chinese factory in Suzhou and Xinzhuang, Shanghai.

Now everyone’s living standard has been improved. It’s not enough to have fans in summer. We also need air conditioning to drive hot air for us. When choosing central air conditioning, we can choose from three aspects: external machine specification, noise and service. When choosing, we can also refer to the brand recommendation above.

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