The countdown is one day! T7s series of stone sweeper robot will be released to collect dust automatically and free hands

The t7s series of stone sweeping robots will be officially launched on March 29, which is next Monday. @The official microblog of stone technology has been warming up for new products for several days. It’s not difficult to see the shadow of new products from the official countdown poster. In the latest preheating poster, stone technology suggests that t7s series will bring better use experience: no consumables, automatic dust collection, monthly throwing and cleaning, hands free for 30 days.


For the sweeper robot, the emergence of the dust collector can make the garbage swept by the sweeper robot placed in the product, thus greatly reducing the frequency of dumping garbage. With the dust collector, the frequency of dumping garbage is once in January, which is a lazy welfare.

In addition, the warm-up posters of the past few days are also very interesting. For example, in the poster on March 27, stone technology hinted that t7s series will be “smart” to adapt to changes, RR Mason 8.0 algorithm system, 117 OTA iterations, new products will be more intelligent.


As we all know, the stone sweeper T7 and t7pro released last year are equipped with RR Mason 7.0 stone robot system algorithm. Its “real time data management algorithm” is responsible for the management and distribution of environmental data collected by sensors, which is transferred to the “perception and mapping algorithm” for data fusion and analysis, and then the “navigation and motion algorithm” carries out dynamic navigation and planning according to the analysis results, and cooperates with the 8-core CPU of Qualcomm snapdragon to better process binocular data. Even when encountering obstacles, it can also ensure the stability of the map. When the home environment changes, it will also dynamically update the map for cleaning, without bumping and missing.

What kind of operation the RR Mason 8.0 algorithm system will bring after a year’s iterative update is undoubtedly expected.


In addition, the warm-up POSTER “every step shakes the whole field” released on March 24 indicates several important features of t7s series, including 3000 times of linear transverse acoustic vibration per minute, which is 4 times higher than the cleaning capacity of the previous generation of products and has excellent performance. In the warm-up poster on March 25, “every step, no fear of ups and downs” directly announced that the new product will adopt intelligent control lifting and multi scene coverage to further enhance the adaptability.


In general, the t7s series of new stone sweeper robot is full of attractions. Just the amount of information released by the preheating poster can confirm that it has made great progress in function. With less than one day to go before the press conference on March 29, what kind of new experience will the t7s series of stone sweeping robots bring? We’ll see.



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