Intel will release the third generation of Xeon scalable processor ice lake SP on April 7

At last year’s hotchips32 conference, Intel publicly presented the details of the third generation of Xeon scalable processor (code named Icelake SP). Icelake SP is based on 10nm process technology, sunnycove micro architecture, HCC has 28 cores, Xcc has 40 cores, supports 8-channel DDR4 memory and the next generation of Artem dcpmm, and provides pcie4.0 controller. Icelake SP’s platform code is Whitley, which supports two-way system. The main four-way and eight way system belongs to 14nm Cooper lake.

Intel has said that Icelake SP will be certified by the end of 2020 and officially released in 2021.

Recently, Intel announced that at 19:00 Beijing time on April 7, it held a press conference in the third blast furnace of Shougang, Beijing, officially released Icelake SP and other new products of Intel in the server field, including a new software and hardware product portfolio for data center, 5g network and intelligent edge infrastructure.

It is understood that this conference will also be held online simultaneously, with 19 ecological partners from OEM, ODM, cloud service providers, telecom operators, independent software developers, system integrators, and channel data center solution providers coming to the scene to witness hand in hand. In addition, the conference also focused on artificial intelligence, big data, high-performance computing, cloud computing and Internet, 5g cloud network integration and intelligent edge topics and typical scenes to create six sub forums. A number of industry customers, industry partners and technical experts active in the forefront of practice and application will bring in-depth technical analysis of Intel’s new products, share industry solutions and successful practices, and directly attack the pain points and knowledge points in the digital transformation of enterprises.

As a competitor of Intel, amd has released epyc7003 product code named Milan based on zen3 micro architecture in mid March, which has opened a new round of competition in the field of data center.

Author: Diamond Bay



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