Can’t you buy a graphics card under the tide of mining? Take a look at rtx30 series game console

Mine tide is rampant, one card is hard to get! In the big environment of DIY hardware market, the author strongly suggests that players can turn their eyes to rtx30 series game desktop.

Kahuang rtx3090 went for 20000 yuan, rtx3080 went for 15000 yuan, rtx3070 went for 10000 yuan. In contrast, many of the current game desktop really not expensive, many are spot sales! The following four recommended rtx30 series game desktop, for your reference.

Alien Aurora R11 game console


The alien Aurora R11 game console can carry up to 10 generations of i9-10900kf processor with 10 cores and 20 threads, and the Rui frequency can reach 5.3GHz, which makes the running speed more fluent and makes it easy to play large-scale games. The maximum support for double 2080ti graphics card, realize the direct connection of graphics card, directly output images to the screen, greatly increase the number of frames, easily control the game with high screen requirements. The integrated water cooling and heat dissipation capability is more powerful, and the terrible heat dissipation capability escorts the performance release. The double condensation technology reduces the noise by more than 69%, and reduces the temperature by more than 19%. The upper performance limit is fully upgraded. According to the different scenarios, the intelligent platform can adjust the kinetic energy of the computer to the end, and ensure that the temperature can be adjusted at any time.

Aurora R11 is equipped with 30 series graphics card. The 8nm process technology and ampere architecture can improve the performance of the graphics card. Visible to the naked eye, gddr6x video memory and up to 760gb / s bandwidth are very smooth in image processing speed. And game player’s most concerned about the technology of light pursuit, the two generation of RT Core computing ability shows the game screen is quite awesome.

In addition to its strong performance, it also has outstanding appearance. The new dimension infinite ring light belt creates a romantic attitude of science fiction, which attracts your attention at the first sight. Cool alienfx ™ The game has more than 190 simultaneous lighting effects, and supports about 16.8 million kinds of colors with all-round RGB values. It can quickly form lighting effects for different games and present game effects with immersive experience. Powerful AI enhanced graphics technology can effectively improve the color effect, make the picture more refined, and upgrade the experience again. Whether in the game or at work, this computer can respond quickly to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Raytheon Black Warrior four generation game console


Raytheon Black Warrior four generation game console is equipped with core i7-11700 processor, which is designed with Intel cypress Cove architecture, 8 cores and 16 threads, with basic frequency of 2.5GHz and core frequency of 4.9ghz. According to Intel’s introduction, this generation of processor can achieve up to 19% of IPC performance improvement and ultra-high frequency core, which can make the game performance reach a new high!

At the same time, in order to help the powerful performance of the new generation processor can be fully released, Raytheon Black Warrior’s fourth generation water-cooled game console adopts the third generation partition water-cooled cooling design, which has the advantages of strong heat dissipation and low noise, and promises to pay for the non-human leakage of water-cooled for three years, with the customer-oriented service, eliminating the worries of the players.

Rtx3060 is a new generation of light tracing card, which is based on ga106 display core and has 3584 CUDA cores. According to the official statement of NVIDIA, NVIDIA ampere architecture has new RT core (ray tracing core), tensor core (tensor core) and Sm (streaming multiprocessor). When dealing with ray tracing related computing, the new RT core is 1.7 times as efficient as the original RT core, while the tensor core has 2.7 times of AI performance improvement, and the energy consumption is nearly 1.9 times higher than Turing architecture. It can be said that the efficiency of the architecture is obviously improved.

Having said that, let’s talk about its beauty. Raytheon Samurai four generation water-cooled game console integrates strong mecha aesthetics in the appearance design. For the first time, it adds non direct light source “Mobius atmosphere lamp” into PC products, breaking the boundary between space and time. The whole machine lights up through the night like the burst light armor of transformers. The front panel adopts a new modular and simple disassembly design, opening up a variety of customized panels for users to choose, and the desired panels can be converted according to their own preferences.

Raytheon Samurai four generation water-cooled game console also has a very intimate design, that is, it has the Qi wireless charging function, which can charge mobile phones, headphones, mice and other devices, which is quite convenient and practical.

Climbing ares II game console


Climbing ares II-10 i7 10700 / rtx3080-10g designer water-cooled game console is the highest configuration among the recommended models. This game console (configuration 1) is equipped with core i7-10700f processor, which adopts 8 cores, 16 threads design, with 16MB three-level cache. In essence, the processor has similar specifications to Intel’s core i9. The ninth generation i9 is sold as the tenth generation i7, and the more affordable price has won a large number of players.

The graphics card of this game console (configuration 1) is very powerful. It is directly matched with the new generation rtx3070, which is based on ga104-300 display core. It has 5888 CUDA cores and carries 256bit wide and 8GB gddr6 memory. According to our previous performance measurement of bubble net, rtx3070 graphics card has the performance that surpasses the previous generation of cahuang rtx2080ti, and has strong strength. It can be called the high cost performance star of the new generation of ampere architecture graphics card.

Raytheon 911 Black Warrior ryzen game console (AMD platform)


Ryzen game console on Raytheon 911 is equipped with a new generation of sharp dragon 55600x processor. It is designed with zen3 architecture, 6 cores and 12 threads. The maximum acceleration frequency is 4.6ghz. The instruction per clock (IPC) performance of zen3 core architecture is 19% higher than that of the previous generation. At the same time, zen3 core architecture reduces the delay caused by accelerating the communication between core and cache, and doubles the L 3 cache directly accessed by each core. At the same time, the performance per watt has a significant advantage.

In terms of graphics, ryzen on Raytheon 911 adopts geforce RTX 3060 graphics card, which brings 2 times the grating performance of GTX 1060 and 10 times the ray tracing performance of gtx1060. It is a rare upgrade opportunity for players, making it the foundation of a powerful PC platform for the smooth running of top-level Games: with the blessing of RTX on, cyberpunk 2077 2077) and fortnite can reach 60fps.

Ryzen of Raytheon 911 Heiwu also adopts ice storm heating duct scheme, separate heating design of power supply hard disk bin, CPU and video card bin, so as to reduce mutual heat influence and further guarantee performance release; at the same time, it adopts 240mm integrated water cooling and independent turbocharged water pump head cold head design. The combat power is fully open, more silent. Clever thinking is the first step. Ryzen on Raytheon 911 also supports 2.5-inch & amp; 3.5-inch tool free installation and quick plug-in, which can replace the hard disk in one step without affecting the normal operation of the system, making it easy to expand and simplify.

Author: Zhang Fan



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