Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 16 preheating: interface no longer regret



Tonight, Xiaoxin pro16 released a warm-up poster, showing the interface of the new notebook, and said it would “no longer have regrets”. It is expected to be released in May.

联想小新Pro 16预热:接口不再有遗憾

As can be seen from the figure, Xiaoxin Pro 16 will be equipped with: USB 3.2 type-A X2, full function usb-c x1, 3.5mm audio interface x1, SD card reader x1, HDMI x1, and independent square charging interface x1.

According to the news released earlier, Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 16 is equipped with 16 inch 16:10 screen, resolution 2560×1600, maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, 350nits brightness, 100% sRGB gamut, Rhine hardware low Blu ray + eyesafe certification, DC dimming without stroboscopic.

In terms of performance, it will provide Intel and AMD processor versions. Among them, Ruilong version has confirmed that it can be equipped with RTX graphics card. In addition, it also has metal body, numeric keypad, large size direction key, 75wh large battery and other selling points.

Author: Chen Muliang



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