RTX 3050 / 3050 Ti performance exposure, competent for 1080p games

Up to now, NVIDIA has brought the ampere architecture to the market. In addition to the desktop version, NVIDIA also includes the rtx30 series notebook GPU released at ces2021. However, careful players will find that there are only three high-end products of rtx30 series notebook GPU: rtx3060, rtx3070 and rtx3080, and the gtx16 series with the old architecture is still for the more mainstream market.

All this is about to change, foreign media notebookcheck recently said that NVIDIA will soon launch the entry-level mpere architecture rtx30 series notebook GPU – rtx3050 and rtx3050ti. It is understood that both rtx3050 and rtx3050ti adopt ga107 core, among which rtx3050 provides 2048 CUDAS, while rtx3050ti provides 2560 CUDAS. The TDP of the two GPUs is set between 35W and 80W, and the maximum boost of full blood rtx3050 can reach 1740mhz, while the maximum boost of full blood rtx3050ti is 1695mhz. In addition, the two new GPUs adopt gddr6 video memory with 4GB capacity and 128bit bit width.

In addition, rtx3050 and rtx3050ti will also be equipped with rtcore and tensorcore, which is also the first time of X50 series GPU.

According to previous tests, these two new GPUs have brought significant performance improvement. Compared with gtx1650ti and gtx1650, 3dmark timespy can run more than 40%. Specifically, in the game Tomb Raider: shadow, running at 1080p resolution, rtx3050’s frame rate performance is slightly better than gtx1660timax-q, while rtx3050ti leads more.

Of course, the rtx3050 series GPU has not been officially released, so the specific performance needs to be observed.

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