Ga102 core 12gb video memory, RTX 3080 ti is finally coming

Earlier, it was rumored that NVIDIA would release rtx3080ti graphics card in the first quarter of this year. However, due to various reasons, rtx3080ti has experienced many delays. According to the latest information from foreign media, rtx3080ti will officially appear from May to June.

It is understood that the core number of rtx3080ti is ga102-225. Compared with rtx3090, the number of CUDA has been reduced from 10496 to 10240, and the number of video memory has been changed from 320-bit20gbgdr6x to 384-bit12gbgddr6x. AIC manufacturers will get the “listing kit” in early April, and begin to prepare for product design and sales. It will wait until the middle of the year for the official launch.

In addition, Gigabyte has just registered 12 rtx3080ti models in EEC (Economic Commission for Europe and Asia), and its product models cover the whole product line of Gigabyte from top to mainstream.

Of course, the biggest concern for rtx3080ti is not its performance, but its actual supply and price. Under the new round of mining tide, all rtx30 Series graphics cards with ampere architecture are out of stock. It is even more difficult for ordinary game players to buy them at the first time

Author: Diamond Bay



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