Don’t clean your house during holidays! T7s plus, a stone sweeping robot, can wipe the floor with high frequency for you

Qingming holiday is just around the corner. Many people have made holiday arrangements early. Some people go out to play, others choose to “watch” others go out to play at home. Once the scenic area becomes a sea of people, staying at home is “lying and winning”. And to win more thoroughly, what is more convincing than having a clean and comfortable space without cleaning? After all, I just want to eat, drink and pursue drama for leisure.

In fact, it’s not difficult to think about such a holiday life. You just need a robot that can clean the floor by itself. As a new flagship product of 2021 launched by stone technology not long ago, t7s plus has not only further improved its cleaning ability, but also brought about an upgrade in its experience.

假期宅家清扫不动手!石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus高频擦地帮你搞定

Specifically, t7s plus adopts 3D double line structured light + obstacle avoidance strategy, 3D double line structured light active ranging, and integrates multi-sensor and AI algorithm, so that t7s plus can take correct obstacle avoidance strategy, and will not rush around at home like a mentally retarded.

The function design of sweeping and towing integration can be seen from the naming. This time, the t7s plus, a stone sweeping and towing robot, is the world’s first intelligent control lifting acoustic vibration ground wiping system, which improves the sweeping and towing performance in an all-round way and brings a real hands-free cleaning experience.

T7s plus, a stone sweeping robot, drives the mop through a high-performance brushless motor, which can increase the vibration frequency to 3000 times / min, effectively break down the dirt on the ground and improve the cleaning efficiency. At the same time, t7s plus is the first robot in the industry to realize the structural design of the combination of lifting and scraping module and vibration scraping, which can switch the fully automatic lifting mode in a variety of working states. When the robot recharges, it can automatically lift the floor wiping module to avoid the secondary pollution of the cleaned ground; at the same time, it also perfectly solves the problem of peculiar smell caused by the wet mop clinging to the ground.

假期宅家清扫不动手!石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus高频擦地帮你搞定

In addition, t7s plus, a stone sweeper robot, adds the carpet cleaning scene adaptability and automatic dust collection function, which not only makes carpet cleaning more intelligent and convenient, but also reduces the frequency of garbage dumping to once a month, which is a lazy welfare.

It is understood that the t7s plus stone sweeper robot can accurately identify the carpet before walking on the carpet through the ultrasonic identification sensor, and then through the full-automatic lifting and wiping module, the t7s plus stone sweeper robot can automatically lift the wiping module to clean the carpet after meeting the carpet in the process of sweeping. If you don’t want the robot to carpet, you can also use the carpet avoidance mode.

假期宅家清扫不动手!石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus高频擦地帮你搞定

The automatic dust collection function needs to be realized with the automatic dust collection charging base. Every time the vacuum cleaner works and enters the base, the dust collection box inside the sweeping robot will automatically open to collect dust into the dust collection bucket. The 1.8L large capacity design can meet the dust collection needs of the family for one month. After using, the dust bag will be automatically sealed. It does not need to clean the dust box frequently, but also can maximize the dust collection efficiency It reduces the possibility of dust exposure.

It can be said that t7s plus is really a more suitable product for lazy people. The upgrading of carpet cleaning, dust removal and other detailed functions makes daily cleaning more intelligent and greatly reduces the frequency of manual cleaning. This is the most attractive part of the intelligent sweeping robot.



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