Tablet PC switch in one second, HP Spectre in hand

Do you regret that you didn’t bring your tablet when you demonstrated to customers with your laptop, or you didn’t have a digital board to modify your image files on the way to travel, or you have to pick up your tablet to search again when you find a good movie on your computer and want to lie on the sofa to watch it. In the past, we need two or three devices to meet our needs, and all of these are in line with HP spectre X360 The advent of the 13 touch deformable book is easily solved.

HP spectre X360 The 13 touch deformable book is not only a high-end lightweight book, but also a new form product that can switch between tablet and PC at any time, and supports 4096 level high-precision touch pen. It can not only be competent for more use scenarios, but also bring better use experience in each form, so that you no longer have to worry about whether to bring a tablet or a computer.

When I first started, the HP spectre X360 13 touch deformable book didn’t feel like a digital product, but a delicate handicraft. Aviation aluminum material with diamond cutting process, has a unique luxury temperament. In the middle of side a is the potato chip logo of HP, and the surface adopts the similar frosting process, which is very textural. The portable body, which is light to 1.3KG and thin to 19.95mm, is about the same size as A4 paper, and can be easily packed into bags, so there is no pressure to carry it in daily travel.

After opening the cover, the performance of this screen also surprised me. 100% sRGB gamut coverage, rich color without distortion; 13.3 inch 4K screen, the screen ratio reached 90%. It not only has 400 nits of high brightness, but also has a layer of anti glare AR coating to reduce the reflectivity of the screen. We have only seen this technology on mobile phones or tablets before. This advantage enables us to clearly see all the details on the screen in the outdoor strong light environment, which is very practical.

It can flip 360 degrees and support 4096 pressure sensitive stylus. This design is also a highlight of spectre X360 13 touch sensitive deformable notebook. For friends who need to travel frequently, it is convenient for us to use it in various environments. For example, on the small desk of an airplane or high-speed railway, we can use it to browse and review working documents in limited space, or we can directly fold the documents or drawings when we present them to customers, so as to display them in a form similar to a flat panel.

The spectre X360 13 touch deformable book is very considerate in many details. The camera provides physical switches to protect privacy, as well as face recognition and fingerprint functions. In terms of interface, it not only has USB 3.1, but also has two lightning 4 interfaces. The data throughput of 40Gbps can not only meet the requirements of external high resolution screen and mobile solid-state disk, but also connect external hardware such as graphics card docking station to improve performance. There is no need to configure a desktop computer for independent rendering.

Compared with its amazing appearance, I am also very surprised by the performance upgrade. Spectre X360 13, which has been rigorously certified by Intel Evo, is not only fast in speed, but also fast in networking, connection and wake-up All round fast! The highest choice is Intel’s 11th generation core i7-1165g7 processor, whose performance is up to 24% higher than that of the previous generation. In addition to the 4.7ghz core CPU, this processor is equipped with Intel Ruiju Xe graphics card, whose performance is up to 87%, which is comparable to the entry-level unique display. It can not only bring more immersive audio-visual experience, but also optimize the image and video processing capacity of the machine, which is very good for work and entertainment. In a word, spectre X360 13 is a high-performance and lightweight version strictly certified by Intel EOV, and also a representative of high-end and lightweight version with 10000 yuan.

In order to release the powerful performance of the processor as much as possible, the spectre X360 13 touch deformable device also uses graphene assisted heat dissipation and double fans and three heat pipes. The air inlet is added at the position of CPU and graphics card on the keyboard side. At the same time, the air inlet area on the D side is as large as 34%, which ensures that the machine can avoid burning in high load operation.

In my actual test and experience, its daily use is very smooth, and there is no frame dropping when the external large screen is connected. It can not only meet the needs of daily office and use of design software, but also greatly improve the performance of entertainment. It is no problem to use it to play ow and dota2 in off hours.

For the more sensitive endurance of the user group, the spectre X360 13 touch deformable book will not disappoint you. As the processor adopts a new process of 10nm, the energy efficiency ratio is greatly improved. The screen equipped with it not only has excellent image quality, but also reduces the power consumption to only 1W. Can provide up to 16.5 hours of endurance, in the use of this period of time, two days a charge can fully meet my needs.

It’s hard to see that Intel’s “specto 13” is fast enough to meet all the needs of daily work. The genuine windows and office suite are pre installed at the factory. If you travel a lot or need portability, it may be one of the few suitable choices for you. If you are interested, please click the link below and buy it at HP Suning self operated flagship store!

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