Dong Mingzhu reiterated that she still needs to make mobile phones, but she obviously does not give up

Driving China’s March 5, 2021 news, since ancient times, although winning or losing has always been the ultimate rule to determine the winning or losing, there is also a saying contrary to it, which is called “heroes are not judged by success or failure”, and it has also been widely recognized by the public. At first glance, it sounds quite contradictory, and there is a bit of truth in the details.

If the saying “heroes are not judged by their success or failure” is applied to the business world, domineering president Dong Mingzhu may have another explanation. The poor sales of Gree has long been a well-known thing in the industry. It is precisely because of the bleakness of Gree’s mobile phones that Gree has been ridiculed in recent years. However, even so, Dong Mingzhu never thinks that Gree’s mobile phones have really failed, but is determined to be mobile phones I can’t go back.


According to relevant media reports, Dong Mingzhu, deputy to the National People’s Congress, chairman and President of Gree Electric, said in an interview recently that “Gree mobile phone must be done, and it must be done.” Dong Mingzhu said frankly that before Gree mobile phone was questioned, for making mobile phone, Dong Mingzhu gave the reasons behind: “in the era of smart home in the future, if (without mobile phone) to control it completely, it is impossible.”

What’s the point? Although no one can deny that in the era of Internet of things, smart phones can play the core role of control hub, now with the implementation of smart home system, we find that, such as smart speakers, intelligence and even intelligence, can become an important part of the construction of smart home system in the user’s home. On the contrary, everyone is trying to weaken the status of small screen of smart phones.

It is an indisputable fact that Dong Mingzhu has not yet given up in making mobile phones, and she still has to continue to try on her way. A few days ago, Gree’s first 5g mobile phone was quietly put on the shelves in Gree mall, but this time it didn’t make Gree’s brand, but called “DASONG 5g mobile phone”. For Gree brand mobile phone quietly changed its name, Gree Electric once responded that the launch of 5g mobile phone is a deployment at the group level, and the replacement of Gree brand with DASONG brand is to better promote Gree’s secondary sub brand to the front stage.

It is understood that the DASONG 5g mobile phone is equipped with a snapdragon 765G processor, which supports 4-band dual-mode 5g all Netcom, with a built-in 6.81 inch perforated screen (resolution 1080 × 2400) and a 5000mAh battery. 2699 yuan for 6GB + 128GB version and 2999 yuan for 8GB + 256gb version.



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