One foundation and Yili QQ star open the theme exhibition of “caring for autistic families”

Beijing business daily (reporter Qian Yu, Wang Xiao) since 2008, the United Nations has designated April 2 of each year as the “World Autism day” to enhance people’s attention, respect and understanding of autism related research and autistic patients. In 2021, on the 14th autism day, one foundation and Yili QQ star jointly opened the theme exhibition of “beautiful mothers all over the hillside” to care for autistic families at Beijing 798 IOMA amath Art Center.

In addition to the exhibition of autistic children’s works, a number of integrated training areas for autistic children are set up in the venue. With the help of professional volunteers, autistic families participating in the exhibition can help children with intervention training through scene training areas such as schools, convenience stores, buses and zebra crossings. At the same time, it also provides a space for mothers to breathe and exchange, holding the “beautiful mothers gather on the hillside” star mom open Mai activity, which is an in-depth experience exchange with parents of autistic children invited by the “one foundation Ocean Paradise program” in terms of children’s education, life balance, self counseling, etc.

During the exhibition, the organizer launched a social volunteer recruitment program for the public. From March 28 to April 11, all members of the community can participate in the integration activities of autistic families and participate in the public welfare.

In the future, one foundation and Yili QQ star will launch a special plan for parents’ gas station in 2021, which is expected to cover 1500 families throughout the year, directly affect 4500 family caregivers and 1500 autistic children through community integration, and help autistic children and their families enjoy a dignified, barrier free and quality social life.

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