Tianmei studio becomes the largest game developer in the world

Driving China April 2, 2021 it is reported that Tencent’s Tianmei studio’s revenue in 2020 will reach US $10 billion, which also means that Tianmei has become the world’s largest game developer.

According to the report, this has laid a solid foundation for Tianmei studio’s ambition to surpass mobile games and directly compete with global heavyweight companies that develop expensive “AAA” games on platforms such as computers, Sony Playstation, Nintendo’s switch and Microsoft’s Xbox.

According to public information, Tianmei studio, established in 2014, is a studio group under Tencent IEG (Interactive Entertainment Group) responsible for the research and development of high-quality mobile games. Tianmei studio group belongs to a studio group of Tencent game, which is developed by “glory of the king” and “call of duty mobile game”.

An engineer of Tianmei studio said in the recruitment notice that the company’s goal is to create a brand new AAA game, similar to the virtual community in the movie “number one player”, and will “compete positively with big companies from Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States”.

Text: Song Tao



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