Can win10 still be upgraded free of charge? What do you need to pay attention to when upgrading win10 for free

We know that win10 was launched with a one-year free upgrade. As long as you use win7, win8 and win8.1 systems and have been activated, you can upgrade to win10 for free, and the system will be activated automatically. For many users, this is equivalent to free “genuine” win10.

Win7, which has been activated, can still be upgraded to win10 for free

The deadline of this activity is one year. By now, the activity has already ended. However, people find that win10 can still be upgraded free of charge in this way! So the question is, in the end of win7 life cycle, less and less hardware support today, win10 free upgrade “genuine” need to pay attention to what? Let’s talk about it. Is the free upgrade of win10 genuine?

First of all, we need to make clear a concept. If we upgrade win10 free of charge through this method, can we “clean up” the pirated old system and get the genuine version of win10? I’m afraid there are some misunderstandings.

After win10 is upgraded to an activated pirated system, win10 is also activated by default, and the original activation method is not required. Technically, this is almost the same as the genuine version, which is also the basis for many friends to think that the pirated system can be changed into the genuine version of win10.

However, to judge whether the system is genuine or not is not based on technical details, but on legal authorization. Win10, which is upgraded free of charge through the pirated system, is still pirated from the legal point of view, although it is in the same active state as the genuine version.

Therefore, the free upgrade of win10 is only a “whitewash” in technology. From the perspective of licensing, it is still not a genuine version. What are the benefits of upgrading win10 free of charge from the old system?

Although the free upgrade of win10 doesn’t mean that you get the genuine version, it has many advantages.

Pirated win7 and other systems are often activated by kms and other means, which is equivalent to simulating a system activation service mechanism, regularly verifying the system to keep it activated. In some scenarios, this kind of activation method will fail, such as reloading the system, or Microsoft iron wants to verify whether you belong to piracy. At this time, the activated system will return to the inactive state.

Using kms to activate pirated win7, you can see that the serial number has the word OEM

After this kind of system is upgraded to win10 free of charge, kms and other means are no longer needed for activation. The activation information of the system is bound with the serial number of the main board. Even if you re install the system, as long as you have not replaced the main board, you only need to log in to the Microsoft account again, and the system can be automatically activated online, which is much more convenient than before.

After upgrading win10, the serial number changes and binds to the motherboard

That is to say, even if you install a pirated system for a new DIY computer and use the free upgrade method from the old system to get the win10 automatically activated, the experience is better than that of directly installing win10 to activate. Of course, it needs to be emphasized here that the author does not advocate the use of pirated systems. This is just a conclusion drawn from experience. Win10, which is upgraded from the old system for free, has a very close experience to the genuine win10. What do you need to pay attention to when upgrading win10 for free?

At present, the operation of upgrading win10 free of charge from the old version of the system is still similar to that at the beginning. Whether you are using a genuine or pirated old system, you can upgrade it through the official Windows Media create tool provided by Microsoft, which can be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft.

Windows Media Create Tool:

However, compared with the beginning of win10 release, the current hardware and software environment has changed. If you are still planning to upgrade to win10 with your old system after assembling your computer, you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

·Win7 is no longer suitable as a springboard for installing win10. At present, the support of newer hardware for win7 is quite poor. At present, UEFI mechanism has been popularized in new hardware platform, but win7 can’t be started in pure UEFI environment, so it can only use compatibility mode. But for one thing, some motherboards don’t provide UEFI compatible mode. For another thing, even if the compatible mode is used, many chipsets don’t provide win7 compatible USB interface drivers. Therefore, USB mouse and keyboard can’t be detected, win7 system can’t be started, and it’s impossible to upgrade from win7 to win10.

·Win8.1 is more suitable for upgrading win10. Compared with win7, win8.1 supports UEFI boot environment, and is compatible with USB drivers of current mainstream chipsets, so it can be installed and started normally. Although win8.1 may lack the latest graphics driver, it will run well. Although the market experience is not good, it is more than a springboard for upgrading win10.

If you need the image of win8.1, you can download and make the installation disk through the following open source tool.

Fido can easily download the image of win8.1 from the official channel, which is more suitable for current PC installation


Fido tutorial:// summary

In general, win10 can still be upgraded for free today, which is quite conscientious indeed. Although Microsoft has not officially responded to and confirmed this incident, it is obvious that it was intended by Microsoft. According to netmarketshare, win10 finally overtook win7 in market share at the end of 2018, and the strategy of upgrading win10 for free obviously played a crucial role. Win10 will launch 21h2 version of UI comprehensive innovation this year. I hope it will bring more surprises.

Author: Aimo



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