Intel i9-11900kf full core overclocking to 7.3ghz

ASUS z590 motherboard recently high-profile to show their overclocking strength. Among them, the star motherboard Rog maximum XIII apex (referred to as Rog m13a) overclocking the latest 11 generation core processor i9-11900kf to the full core 7.3ghz, breaking the super PI 32m world record, running into 3 minutes and 40 seconds! Rog M13a motherboard has created 10 world overclocking records in a short period of time, won 7 world leading proud achievements, and is worthy of the reputation of apex overclocking monster!


Anyone familiar with the superfrequency world knows that super Pi’s single core performance benchmark has a history of 25 years. As early as seven years ago, the super PI 32m was the first to run within five minutes on the main board of Rog maximus V formula. Since then, all the super PI 32m have been charging towards the goal of four minutes, but it is not easy to achieve. Running into four minutes is like an unreachable skyline. Today, this goal has not only been achieved, but also relying on the powerful overclocking strength of Rog m13a, the super PI 32m record has been greatly refreshed to 3 minutes and 40 seconds. At the same time, a number of world overclocking records including super PI 1m have also been refreshed, and overclocking the i9-11900kf full core frequency to 7.3ghz has become a new height of z590 motherboard overclocking.

Author: Zhang Fan



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