“Picking up gold” or “cutting leeks” for the Chinese goods

With the fermentation of Xinjiang cotton incident, the trend of “shoe speculation” spread to domestic products, the prices of domestic brands such as Li Ning and Anta soared, and the news of rising prices and shortage of domestic sneakers became the focus of public attention. On April 5, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that the selling price of Anta Doraemon co branded shoes was 499 yuan. After speculation, the price became 4599 yuan, up 8 times. In addition, Li Ning’s shoes, which were originally priced at 1499 yuan, were fried to 48000 yuan, up 31 times.

In the view of industry insiders, shoe speculators make use of the scarcity of limited shoes, maliciously hype, leading to shoe prices deviating from their own value, and even the appearance of real speculation of fake shoes, which is a behavior that disturbs the normal market order. Although the shoe enterprises targeted by shoe dealers show the market’s recognition of the company’s products to a certain extent, in the long run, whether they are actively or passively frying shoes, it is not conducive to the shaping of a positive brand image.

Prices have skyrocketed

“The shoes I bought for my boyfriend have gone up nearly half in half a month. Maybe I should go and fry the shoes.” “I’m afraid that the price will rise again, so I’ll place an order quickly.” During the Qingming Festival holiday, if you brush your microblog and friends, you can see the news that the price of domestic shoes is rising and they are out of stock.

“The price of Anta’s black shoes is 498 yuan, and the price of its white shoes is 499 yuan.” Recently, a netizen exposed the price of Anta’s first board shoes, and was surprised to say, “fried shoes are too outrageous, a pair of shoes rose more than 3000 in the twinkling of an eye.”

Beijing Business Daily reporter login a shoe trading platform found that Anta Doraemon joint brand leisure Board Shoes White and black recently purchased nearly 9000 records, at present on the platform, the board shoes show has been off the shelf. However, it can be seen from the transaction records that in late March, the trading price of the board shoes was still around 1500 yuan, and the highest trading price in the past two days has reached 3199 yuan.

The reference selling price of Li Ning and Wade’s joint brand “Wade’s way 4” is 1499 yuan. The page shows that only 42 yards are available, and the selling price is as high as 48889 yuan, up 31 times. In addition, Li Ning’s “Wade’s way 7 WOW7 the moment beyond the limited edition” and “Chang’an youth” limited edition have also increased to varying degrees in recent days.

In fact, Anta, Li Ning and other domestic shoes prices skyrocketed in the short term behind the Xinjiang cotton incident a few days ago is not unrelated. On March 24, a list of enterprises “boycotting Xinjiang cotton” was revealed, including some foreign brand shoes that belong to the membership system of “Swiss good cotton Development Association” (BCI) with HM.

In this regard, the majority of patriotic netizens denounced one after another, and chose to vote with their feet in support of domestic products, placing orders for Li Ning, Anta and other well-known domestic brands. However, when placing an order, a lot of “shoe powder” found that many popular models were either out of stock or increased in price, and said, “even domestic products can’t afford to go up any more. Save the migrant workers!”

Who is frying shoes?

As a kind of market behavior, shoe frying may be explained by the basic law of economics, which includes four roles of production, distribution, circulation and consumption in economic activities. Correspondingly, they are brand side (producer), cattle (commonly known as “shoe dealer”, that is, e-commerce platform or offline stores or organized middlemen), retail investors (consumers). So, who is the beneficiary of the complete industry chain of shoe speculation? Who is driving this industry?

According to the analysis of industry insiders, shoe dealers are undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries of the shoe speculation industry, because the high price difference and profits are almost taken away by them, and the upstream brand side and the downstream individual customers have little “cake”.

According to Lai Yang, executive vice president of the Beishang Economic Association, the reason why shoe dealers frequently set off a wave of shoe speculation lies in their insight into the loopholes in the ordering method of the sneaker futures system. That is, the shoes sold now are ordered for a half year, and the volume is fixed. When the normal market sales are coming to an end, the shoe dealers will hoard the rest of their stock in the hands, and has the final say in the price. Even if the brand side finds that a certain type of shoe is fried into a popular one and then increases the order production, there is a lag. Because when it comes out of production, the new model has also been on the market. New, many large and small shoe dealers will also try to hype a certain model. At this point, add a single out of the old pop money, become “abandoned” second-hand goods. It is precisely by taking advantage of this “time gap” in production that shoe dealers succeed again and again and earn a lot.

However, some people in the industry believe that in the shoe industry, the brand side is not without responsibility. Industry insiders said that the relevant brands deliberately create “limited edition” and “star co branded edition” to control the production quantity of shoes and artificially create “scarcity”, which also greatly encourages the second-hand shoe dealers to stir fry shoes.

Can “Changhong”

How long can this wave of “fried shoes” last? Industry insiders said, “from the perspective of motivation, the patriotic card cannot be played all the time. The patriotic events such as xinjiangmian, which contributed to the shoe speculation, were more accidental than abnormal. The patriotic feelings in the special period are not a perpetual motion machine, and will eventually be exhausted. “.

From the nature, fried shoes are doomed to be short-term in nature. “Shoe speculation means that shoe speculators make exorbitant profits by taking advantage of loopholes, which is divorced from the essence and basic principles of business. It is not a normal business behavior, which fundamentally determines that this kind of behavior cannot last long.” Xu Xiongjun, a strategic positioning expert and founder of Jiude positioning consulting company, pointed out.

Lai Yang said that although “fried shoes” is not a commendatory word, generally speaking, only the sports shoes and clothing products of Nike, ADI and other head sports brands are likely to be wildly hyped by the market and the prices will rise. As an ordinary sports brand, it’s hard to get the “bonus” of shoe speculation. The initiator and high-frequency field of the phenomenon of shoe frying also occur between Nike and ADI. The hot side of shoe frying reflects the leading business strategies and soft power of brand culture of Nike and ADI. At present, the signing, CO branding, limited quantity and other shoe markets are basically controlled indirectly by these two groups, and it is difficult to shake the domestic brands.

Xinhua news agency even said in an article that it is obviously not a normal phenomenon for the market to increase the price of a commodity by tens of times in just a few days. If shoe speculation leads to shoe lovers unable to buy the shoes they want, and then makes domestic brands lose the trust of consumers, it is tantamount to doing everything possible and breaking the road of upgrading domestic brands.

Xinhua news agency also mentioned that the brand side should act as soon as possible to maintain the brand image of the current behavior of some network platforms to bid up prices. Regulatory authorities should also actively act to strengthen supervision and guidance, maintain market order and create a good environment for the development of domestic products.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Qian Yu Wang Xiao

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