Cloud printing is more convenient, Canon G series printers meet your personalized printing needs

In our traditional impression, the use of printers to print things first requires a computer, and then on the computer ready to printer documents and pictures, and then through a data line to connect the computer and the printer to print, I believe this is a scene many people see every day.

云打印更方便 佳能G系列打印机满足你的个性化打印需求

However, with the progress of science and technology, “cloud printing” is gradually understood by everyone, and more and more printer manufacturers have launched many related products, such as the g3820 inking high-capacity all-in-one machine newly launched by Canon not long ago, which not only has the convenient “Canon cloud printing” function, but also does not need to download and install, and can enjoy one click quick printing only through wechat scanning code registration , supports multiple formats of photos and documents, and can also intelligently print ID photos to meet the needs of daily office printing to the greatest extent, making printing easier.

Nowadays, the advantage of cloud printing is that it is not limited by distance and time, and can easily achieve remote and efficient printing, which provides convenience for people’s life or work. For example, parents are busy with work, but at this time the school teachers send learning materials and homework, so even if we are in the company, we can remotely control the printer at home to print; for example, when we want to print out the beautiful scenery photographed on the mobile phone to share with our family on the way to travel, we can immediately let the printer at home print out photos directly through cloud printing, so that we can take photos The film is one step ahead of people to reach the family, and Canon g3820 can easily do all this.

云打印更方便 佳能G系列打印机满足你的个性化打印需求

Remote printing can be carried out through the wechat applet of “Canon cloud printing”

云打印更方便 佳能G系列打印机满足你的个性化打印需求

As an excellent printer, Canon g3820 elegant and stable black and gray tone with classic box design, very atmospheric and reliable, in the economic mode, black and white document printing volume of 7600 pages, color document printing volume of 7700 pages, better help us to save the printing cost, economic saving is a major advantage of this printer, in addition, faster printing speed, can also effectively improve the printing efficiency Save the printing time of a large number of jobs. At the same time, g3820 can automatically identify the inking status, which makes inking easier and more convenient, and upgrade the differential bayonet design to avoid wrong inking, which makes the overall use experience more convenient and humanized; in terms of printing speed, g3820 black-and-white and color printing speed can reach 9.1ipm and 5.0ipm respectively, which can save more time for everyone.

It is worth mentioning that if you are using canon printer for the first time, you do not need to worry about the installation problem at all. Through the wechat applet of “Canon printing dictionary”, we can complete the installation of Canon g3820 printer according to the steps prompted in it, which is very intuitive and clear. At the same time, in terms of after-sales guarantee, the longest extended warranty of 3 years can be used safely. At present, this kind of Canon g3820 inking type high-capacity all-in-one machine has been on the market, and g3821, g2820, g1820 and other models are in hot promotion, not only to send Jingdong e card, but also 2-year extended warranty free of charge, heart is not as good as action, hurry to buy it!

云打印更方便 佳能G系列打印机满足你的个性化打印需求

Time: March 5-april 20, 2021

Author: Shen Pei



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