The design of edge browser is far better than chrome! One move to improve the experience

Chrome is currently the most popular browser with the strongest comprehensive strength, but when it comes to one of its design shortcomings, I’m afraid many old users have deep feelings. When chrome opens a large number of tabs, the width of the tabs will be squeezed very small, not to mention to see the title of the page, and even to click accurately. This shortcoming of chrome is also integrated by other chrome based browsers, such as the new version of edge browser.

A failure in the design of chrome tab — the width of the tab will be very small if it is opened too much

This defect in the design of chrome and chromium greatly reduces the user experience. When you need to open a large number of web pages to find information, the efficiency will be greatly slowed down. But now, the edge browser has given a solution, which makes its experience in this area much better than chrome!

In edge browser, the tabs will be squeezed together if they are opened too much

In the new version of edge 89, a “vertical tab bar” feature has been added. There will be a switch button on the left side of the label bar of edge browser. After clicking, you can switch back and forth between horizontal label and vertical label. In particular, some ultra widescreen users can use this function to improve browsing efficiency.

The edge vertical tab displays all the tags in a vertical list

There is no doubt that this design solves the problem of squeezing the tabs inherent in Chrome / chromium browser. As long as you switch the tabs to vertical layout, you can easily identify all the currently open web pages. However, there is also a problem in the design of vertical tab, that is, to return to the original layout, you must click the switch button again, which is slightly troublesome. In this regard, we offer another way, with the help of third-party extensions to optimize the experience.


For example, the function of this tabbs extension is to expand the list of currently opened tabs. Tabbs is available in the chrome store. Both Chrome browser and edge browser can be installed. However, because it is difficult to connect to the chrome store in China, you can also find CRX files to install.

Tabbs is easy to use. After installation, the corresponding icon will appear in the toolbar. Click to expand all the current tabs. Tabbs expanded tab list with search function, it is very convenient to find the open web page.

Tabbs is very effective

In addition, tabbs also supports shortcut operation, which is more efficient.

Tabbs supports shortcut keys

In general, the width folding design of chrome / chromium tabs really affects the experience. Edge browser uses the vertical tab design in the new version, which solves the problem to a large extent. Both edge browser and Chrome browser can improve the experience through the extension program like tabbs. I hope chrome can improve its design in the future. After all, this problem has been bothering users for many years!



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