Win10 has so many secrets! How much do you know about win10

In win10, there are many little secrets hidden. Although some small functions seem unimportant, they can make our win10 run better at the key time!

1. Night mode

Path: setting → system → display → color → night mode

When you use a computer at night, the strong screen light always makes your eyes uncomfortable. You might as well try win10’s “night mode”. “Night mode” ≠ “dark mode”. After switching, it will not “blacken” the whole interface except for removing the blue light that is harmful to the eyes on the screen. Moreover, win10 also specially designed a timing switching function, which can automatically switch according to the sunrise and sunset time of the user’s location.

2. Game mode

Path: setting → game → game mode

Is it always a card to play games? Try win10’s game mode. This mode is located under the settings → game tab and has only one switch. After turning on, win10 will give priority to allocating memory and CPU resources to the game, pause some unnecessary notifications, and bring more stable frame rate to the game. With it, the gamer’s experience will be better.

3. Flight mode

Path: settings → network and Internet → flight mode

Like mobile phones, win10 also has a master switch to quickly turn off wireless signals, which is called “flight mode”. You can turn on this switch when you bring the win10 device on the plane and want to use it midway. However, it should be noted that only the wireless signal is turned off in “flight mode”. If the device is connected to the wired network, it can still be connected to the network normally.

4. Excellence Model

Path: PowerShell → powercfg – duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

Don’t think that “high performance” mode is the strongest in wn10. In fact, there is a more powerful “excellent performance” mode on top of it. Excellent performance is a hidden power property in win10, which can’t be seen normally. To enter the excellence mode, you need to first click the start menu, enter “PowerShell”, and then check “run as administrator”. Next, paste in the code “powercfg – duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61” (without quotation marks). After hitting enter, you can find the new “excellent performance mode” in “Settings” → “system” → “power and sleep” → “other power settings”.

Open the excellent performance mode

Excellent performance can bring higher performance and response speed than traditional mode, especially suitable for desktop computers that don’t need to care about power. We have also published an article “free benefits? One click to open win10″ super performance mode ” This function has been tested in detail, interested partners might as well have a look.

5. Focus mode

Path: setup → system → focus assistant

If you are concentrating on one thing (such as a PPT) and don’t want to be disturbed by other things, try the “focus mode” in win10. After the focus mode is turned on, the system will automatically block information such as contacts and uwp notifications, so as to give users a quiet environment. It has four activation modes: full screen activation, game playing activation, projection activation, and fixed period activation (23:00-7:00). When the focus mode takes effect, the above information will no longer pop up, but directly enter the notification center to avoid interference to users.

6. Flat panel mode

Path: settings → system → tablet

If your device is a touch pad and has an external keyboard, you can use this tablet mode. Compared with the traditional desktop mode, the tablet mode not only makes the application full screen automatically, but also enlarges the space between icons, making it more suitable for finger touch. You’ll even see a different start menu, a more win8 like start menu.

Tablet mode at the end

Win10 is like a treasure house, which often contains many little secrets. What about? Have you ever used these win10 “hidden modes”? If you like it, please give Xiaobian some praise!

Author: Xuan dad in kindergarten



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