Absolutely eye opening! Can you play 11 groups of wechat tips

With the aura of national social artifact, the development of wechat in recent years can be described as smooth. There are so many people playing here that all kinds of strange requests come. Today, Xiaobian will share with you some unknown tips in wechat. Let’s see them together!

1. Don’t remind your friends

The biggest “bug” in wechat circle of friends is that when you like a friend, if you still like him later, you will receive “notification and reminder” constantly. Don’t want to be harassed by this kind of reminder again? It’s very simple. As long as you press the like notification of the message and choose “no more notification”, subsequent likes will not remind you.

Block subsequent like notification

2. To do message reminder

Do you often receive a lot of to-do information in your daily work, worrying that you will forget it? Long press the message to set up a reminder for it. As soon as the reminder time comes, wechat will be displayed in the list in the form of “service notice”, so that you are not afraid of being urged by the boss again!

Long press to do message to set reminder

3. How to save important group chat

A group was added before, but all the information was reset due to the replacement of mobile phone or the re installation of wechat. If there is no new message in the group, the group will never appear in your wechat list. In fact, this problem can also be solved. First, enter the group and click “…” in the upper right corner Next, check “save to address book” in the pop-up panel. In this way, when the follow-up needs, as long as you open the “address book” → “group chat”, you can immediately see the group!

Save important groups

4. Skillfully use friends to find the group

If your wechat has been reset and the group has not been saved in advance as mentioned above, another remedy is to find a friend in the same group, click TA’s Avatar, and click “more information” on the details page. A sub link of “I chat with Ta” will be displayed here. Click and you’ll find the group.

Find a group through friends

5. What to do if the message is sent to the wrong group

A lot of people have had similar embarrassment. They want to wind up a message in group A, but somehow they send it to group B as soon as their head is short circuited. This kind of problem can be solved by the way of group background. First, open group A and click “set current chat background” to set a background map for the group. Next, open group B and use the same method to set another background image. In this way, the two groups will have completely different appearance. When sending messages later, there will be no more mistakes!

Set group background to prevent sending wrong group

6. Key contacts

If you are waiting for news from an important person, the best way is to open the contact’s Avatar and click “…” in the upper right corner To open a “time limit reminder” for TA. After opening, if the contact sends a message within the specified time, wechat will automatically pop up a striking full screen reminder, and the voice is different from ordinary messages.

Important contact message reminder

7. Change paper documents into electronic ones

In urgent need of a piece of information, but only a paper version in hand, then the following method can help you a lot. First, open the file transfer assistant and take photos of the data. Next, open the photo, long press and select “extract text” inside. Later, wechat will automatically recognize all the words in the picture, and all we have to do is to select the required content, copy or forward it.

Quickly turn paper documents into electronic ones

In addition to using it on the mobile terminal, the convenience of this function is that if the computer logs in to the PC terminal and clicks the “collect” button, it can quickly send the text to the computer for further editing on the PC terminal.

8. Press and hold the album to call up the “beauty” camera

The photo taking function of wechat is very low. In addition to the inaccurate focusing, the unbearable thing is that there is no beauty function. In fact, there is a trick hidden here. As long as you press the “photo album” button for 2 seconds (note that it is “photo album” instead of “shooting”), wechat can automatically call up the system camera. Well, I don’t have to talk about beauty, color matching, HDR In a word, if you want to win in the circle of friends, you must learn this move!

Long press “photo album” to call up beauty camera

9. Friends delete “regret”

Quarrel with a good friend, angry very “man” to delete each other, and regret how to do? In fact, wechat itself has a “regret” function, as long as the deletion time is not long, and the other party does not delete you, you can directly add TA back (the other party will not have any prompt). Why is there such a design? Xiaobian can only guess, it should be programmer buddies also have similar needs!

Friends “mistakenly deleted” can be directly added back

10. Wechat version “to be done later”“

If you get a good article, but you don’t have time to read it, the best way is to click “…” in the upper right corner Select the floating window function. It’s like the wechat version of “to do later”. All articles and files that can’t be processed in time can be collected temporarily through this method. So where can I find the collected documents? Return to the main wechat interface and swipe the screen to the right. Look! The article is not all out.

Wechat version “to be done later”

11. How do you know you’ve been pulled black

How to check whether you have been pulled black by the other party? It’s very simple. Send a transfer payment directly to the other party. If “you are not a friend of the payee “It means that you have been pulled black. To quickly query whether a group of people will pull you black, there is also a very fast way. Just set up a group and add all the friends you want to detect. The blue ones are the ones who have pulled you black.

Two groups of methods to query whether they are pulled black by the other party

Write at the end

With the continuous development of wechat, a variety of small functions are gradually improving. These tips, although not used every day, can help you a big favor at the critical moment. Well, here are some tips to share with you in this issue. If you like, please give Xiaobian some praise!

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