It ° s skin wants to win the market again with new products

In recent years, the pop culture originated from South Korea has influenced the whole Asia, from Korean dramas, Korean stars to Korean makeup, which has influenced the public aesthetic and fashion trend all the way. South Korea’s skin care and beauty brands also have a group of loyal fans in China. With the steady expansion of China’s skin care and beauty market, the huge consumption prospect has attracted many overseas brands to enter the Chinese market. At the same time, domestic brands have also sprung up, and their popularity has increased sharply, which makes China’s skin care and beauty market enter a white hot competition state in recent years.

In such a market environment, relying on product appearance or advertising, or simply relying on a single star product, has begun to lack market competitiveness and brand vitality. Therefore, the major brands are also seeking new innovation and breakthrough to seize market opportunities. It ° s skin is one of the representative brands of South Korea Yisi hanfo cosmetics group.

When it comes to ISI, maybe you are not unfamiliar with it. Your first impression should be his family’s “Diamond snail series”. As soon as the series was launched, it became popular in South Korea, China, Japan and other Asian countries. The name of ISI was also known by everyone, and it also became a popular product in duty-free shops and tourism shopping in South Korea. Its core ingredient “snail secretion filtrate” has become a major feature and highlight of the brand. The star single product “crystal drill snails cream” in this series is word-of-mouth and popularity. Since 2014, it has been awarded the Monde Selection special gold medal for 7 consecutive years. After entering the Chinese market, it also won the import good brand award of China Beauty Expo.

However, with the ever-changing consumer demands of the skin care and beauty market, in order to continue to be concerned and recognized by the market, in addition to excellent quality and reputation, continuous innovation and breakthrough is also an important key point. In line with the development trend and market demands, and adhering to the R & D concept of excellent ingredients and unique ratio, the company launched the “ice ocean Elite Series” in early 2021, and was placed as the “double star” product matrix of ice together with the diamond snail series.

美妆市场竞争白热化 伊思(It°S SKIN)欲以新品再赢市场

美妆市场竞争白热化 伊思(It°S SKIN)欲以新品再赢市场

Corresponding to the animal mucin (snail secretion filtrate) of the diamond snail series, the core ingredient of the marine extract series is “ocean Mu” ™ )”In addition, it also contains French sea water, marine collagen, and marine egx-772 moisturizing and elastic ingredients, so the core functions of the new series are more focused on intensive moisturizing and elastic nourishing.

Moreover, the products in this new series are all bright spots. After listing, people’s attention and new products of popular products are rapidly attracted attention, and they won good reputation with their distinctive texture and skin feel and good efficacy. Although the essence of the water is a water texture, but it can be drawed on the hand, and the key is the water that can be drawed. When it is applied to the face, it is surprisingly refreshing and easy to absorb, and it will not feel heavy and sticky in the imagination. This contrast between vision and skin feeling has become a highlight of the product. In addition, the cleanser in the series also has its own bright spot. In view of the harm and trouble brought by the haze weather to the skin, this cleanser can gently moisturize and effectively remove the haze particles, which makes the haze frequent northern female consumers especially look forward to.

美妆市场竞争白热化 伊思(It°S SKIN)欲以新品再赢市场

美妆市场竞争白热化 伊思(It°S SKIN)欲以新品再赢市场

From the product layout and product features of the new series, it is not difficult to see that the company focuses on the sharp insight and analysis of Chinese consumers. The company has five technology research institutes in South Korea and 32 years of R & D experience, which has laid a solid foundation for its R & D of new products and technologies. This time, with the new series of ocean essence and the series of diamond snail, ISI will join the new competition pattern of China’s skin care and beauty market with a double star matrix, in order to win the market again. We also expect ISI’s new series to achieve better market performance.



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