Manage excessive packaging, brew industry standard express packaging materials, accurately “slim down”

Express packaging precise “slimming” will have rules to follow. On April 6, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned from the regular press conference of the second quarter held by the state post office that in order to effectively implement the provisions of the measures for the management of express mail packaging (hereinafter referred to as the measures), and do a good job in the management of excessive packaging, the postal administration department will carry out special management, and promote the introduction of the industry standard of “requirements for limiting excessive packaging in the express industry”, combining with the actual situation of the industry Further refine the identification basis of excessive packaging. At the same time, the Beijing Business Daily reporter also learned that the development research center of the State Post Office successfully obtained the certification qualification of express packaging green products on the same day, and the certification service covers 10 kinds of common express packaging products.

治理过度包装、酝酿行业标准 快递包材精准“瘦身”

Special governance started

At the meeting, Guan Aiguang, deputy director general of the market supervision department of the State Post Office, said that the measures defined the unified management responsibility of the headquarters of the delivery enterprises, stipulated that the delivery enterprises should establish and improve the packaging management system, and clarified the requirements and principles of packaging selection. In addition, Guan Aiguang also pointed out that in addition to complying with the basic principles and general requirements of express mail packaging, express delivery users should also comply with the relevant regulations, and cooperate with the delivery enterprises to implement the relevant requirements.

It is understood that the “measures” has been formally implemented since March 12, putting forward requirements for express packaging from the aspects of packaging selection, packaging operation, supervision and management, so as to promote enterprises to implement the main responsibility. For example, it is required that delivery enterprises give priority to reusable and recyclable packaging materials, optimize mail express packaging, reduce the use of packaging materials, strengthen the guidance and management of agreement users, and promote the joint implementation of green packaging requirements.

The “measures” also clearly require the delivery enterprises to standardize operation and civilized operation, avoid throwing, trampling, placing mail express on the ground and other behaviors, and prevent packaging damage; at the same time, in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and economy, carry out reasonable packaging operation, do not wind too much tape, and try to reduce the number of packaging layers, porosity and fillers; encourage the delivery enterprises to establish and improve the working mechanism and recycling mechanism Collection process, recycling of packaging materials.

Guan Aiguang said that since April, he has officially launched the special treatment of excessive packaging, striving to use one year to effectively curb illegal activities such as excessive packaging, and initially build a long-term working mechanism to prevent excessive packaging.

At the same time, we should introduce supporting regulations, implement the provisions of the “solid waste law” and other upper laws, strengthen the organic connection, and study and issue supporting systems in the aspects of industry ecological environmental protection information report and packaging operation specification filing. Strictly enforce the law, according to the principle of “who enforces the law, who popularizes the law”, guide local postal administrations to strengthen supervision, management and administrative law enforcement in terms of unified management of packaging, use of standard packaging, guidance and management of agreement users, formulation and filing of packaging operation specifications, packaging operation training, avoidance of excessive packaging, and control of industrial plastic pollution, and continue to do a good job in laws and regulations The implementation of the regulations ensures that the relevant regulations take root in the industry.

Packaging materials will be certified

“The implementation of green certification of packaging products and the use of unified green labels are conducive to the identification of consumers, the purchase and use of delivery enterprises, the on-site inspection of supervision and management departments, and the orderly progress of Green Governance of express packaging.” Guan Aiguang introduced that in April last year, the “opinions on the implementation of green certification for express packaging” was printed and issued, followed by the “technical requirements for green product certification for express packaging” issued by the State Post Office and the State Administration of market supervision, and the two departments jointly issued the “on the release of the” directory of green product certification for express packaging (the first batch) “and” rules for green product certification for express packaging ” The green product certification system of express packaging has been basically established.

Recently, the two departments have completed the establishment of green certification technology expert group to provide professional support for technical problems in the process of certification implementation; guide certification agencies to apply for business expansion, and some certification agencies have obtained the certification qualification of express packaging green products.

On April 6, the development research center of the State Post Office announced that it had obtained the qualification of green product certification for express packaging and became one of the first batch of green product certification institutions for express packaging. It is understood that the development research center of the state post office can provide certification services for a total of 10 kinds of express packaging products, including envelopes, boxes, bags, container bags, electronic waybills, plant fillers, plastic fillers, suspended fastening packaging, adhesive tape and reusable express packaging.

The relevant staff of the development research center of the State Post Office explained to Beijing Business Daily that on the basis of the national standards, the above-mentioned 10 types of packaging products should also meet the testing indicators of the center. In addition, the relevant situation of the enterprise in the production process, such as whether the site is compliant, waste discharge and so on, will also be taken into account. If it meets the requirements, the relevant certificate will be issued. “We mainly provide certification for packaging manufacturers.” The staff member said.

However, it also means that the cost of express packaging materials will rise further. Popularizing recyclable products, or reducing repeated packaging through scientific and technological means, and improving the use efficiency of packaging materials will become the main ways for express delivery enterprises to cope with the rising cost of packaging materials.

At present, from the express terminal to the transfer center, a number of express enterprises have realized the coverage of recycling bags and recycling devices. The relevant person in charge of Zhongtong said that at present, all transfer centers and some outlets of Zhongtong have used recyclable bags. By the end of 2020, more than 9 million recyclable bags have been put into operation, and more than 3 million green double degradation bags have been put into use.

Yuantong relevant person in charge to Beijing Business Daily reporter said, by the end of 2020, Yuantong 45 mm below the proportion of slimming tape use more than 90%, packaging and printing area does not exceed 50% of the total area, the proportion of recyclable transfer bag use in more than 90%. In the next step, we will systematically publicize, educate and guide the relevant parties in accordance with the requirements of the postal administration.

Multi party joint management

In fact, the comprehensive promotion of recycled packaging materials, reduce the waste of resources, related to all aspects of the logistics link. A senior express practitioner pointed out to Beijing Business Daily that due to the more detailed requirements for the use of tape and packaging materials, it will be difficult to promote them. Enterprises need not only to educate and train front-line employees, but also to guide e-commerce customers to pack reasonably. Therefore, it is a matter of joint management by all parties.

E-commerce platforms and businesses are also duty bound to “slim down” express packaging materials. According to the relevant person in charge of rookie, during the “double 11” period in 2020, rookie has cooperated with more than 500 brands to carry out the original box or 0 plastic tape free environmental zipper box delivery. In addition, the “intelligent box cutting algorithm” independently developed by enterprises can reduce the use of packaging materials by 15% on average.

On the user side, the reporter of Beijing Business Daily also learned that the courier has the right to refuse the unreasonable requirements put forward by users in terms of packaging. Guan Aiguang said that it is not appropriate for users to put forward unreasonable requirements such as excessive wrapping of adhesive tape for the packaging operations carried out by couriers in accordance with the specifications; users shall not refuse or hinder the replacement of self provided packaging materials that do not meet the requirements and the couriers require replacement or replacement; for the recyclable packaging materials put into use by the delivery enterprise, the recipient shall return the recyclable packaging materials to the courier after taking out the internal parts Delivery man.

According to the opinions on accelerating the green transformation of express packaging, by the end of 2022, the proportion of e-commerce express no longer having secondary packaging will reach 85%, and the application scale of recyclable express packaging will reach 7 million. By the end of 2025, e-commerce express will basically realize no secondary packaging, and the application scale of recyclable express packaging will reach 10 million.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Qian

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