Darui electronics, the first high price stock on GEM, will be listed soon

After the implementation of the registration system of gem, the stock camp of gem is expanding. Dongguan DARUI Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DARUI Electronics”), which has obtained the listing pass, has started its subscription on April 6. Soon after that, the company’s shares will be issued and listed. It is worth mentioning that Darui electronics is the first high price stock on the growth enterprise market.

According to Dongfang fortune, on April 6, Darui electronics, Lego food, WanChen biology and Action Education launched their purchase applications on the same day, among which Darui electronics received attention due to its high initial price.

According to the announcement issued by Darui electronics, the total number of shares in this public offering is 13053667, accounting for 25% of the total shares of the company after this offering. Among them, 13.0535 million shares were issued online. Darui electronics and Guotai Junan have negotiated and determined the issue price of 168 yuan / share by comprehensively considering the industry, market conditions, valuation level of Listed Companies in the same industry, demand for raised funds and underwriting risk of the issuer. Based on this price, investors will apply for the purchase on t day (April 6, 2021) through the trading system of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and by means of online subscription according to market value.

According to Oriental Fortune, Darui’s P / E ratio is 38.71 times, and Dingge’s market value is 130000 yuan.

Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that Darui electronic first price hit a record high gem. Previously, according to wind data, as of April 6, a total of 926 shares were listed on the gem. At present, among the GEM stocks, the initial prices of Fengshang culture, aimike and Tomson Beijian exceed 100 yuan / share, among which Fengshang culture ranks first with 138.02 yuan / share.

According to the prospectus, Darui electronics is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of functional and structural components of consumer electronics. Darui electronics expects to achieve an operating revenue of 270-290 million yuan in the first quarter of 2021, and the net profit attributable to common shareholders of the company is expected to be 46-53 million yuan.

Darui electronics said in the announcement that if the issuance is successful, the total amount of funds raised by the issuer is expected to be about 2.193 billion yuan, and the net amount of funds raised is expected to be about 2.038 billion yuan.

It is worth mentioning that Darui electronics is considered by the market to have the potential of “meat stick”. According to the statistics of wind, as of April 6, a total of 97 shares have been listed under the gem registration system, with an average increase of 249.63% on the first day of listing. If Darui’s first day of listing increases by 100%, zhongyisign will make a profit of more than 80000 yuan. If the first day of listing increases by 200%, Zhongyi will make a profit of more than 160000 yuan.

Xu Xiaoheng, an investment and financing expert, believes that the normalization of IPO helps to stabilize the market investment expectation, reflect the normal financing ability of the capital market, maintain the stability of the capital market, and enhance the overall rational investment atmosphere of the capital market.

“For investors, the rate of return on new shares is more significant. But it’s not a sure way to make a new profit. From a single stock’s point of view, there will be differences in the rise. Therefore, a more detailed study can be conducted before the application. ” Xu Xiaoheng said.

Beijing Business News (reporter Liu Fengru)

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