Recent performance ranking of popular mobile phone chips

In the new year, many new and upgraded mobile phone chips have been put into commercial use. For example, flagship chips such as Qualcomm snapdragon 888 and MediaTek Tianji 1200, how about the performance of these mobile phone chips? Through the article to understand, can provide a certain reference for the purchase.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

Xiaolong 888

Snapdragon 888 is a very top-level mobile phone processor, belonging to the first echelon of current performance. Snapdragon 888 adopts 5nm process. The CPU is designed with eight cores: one cortex X1 super core (2.84ghz) + three cortex A78 (2.4GHz) large cores + four cortex A55 (1.8GHz) small cores. The overall performance is 25% higher than that of the previous generation. In the GPU part, snapdragon 888 is equipped with Adreno 650 GPU, which improves the graphics rendering speed by 35% compared with the previous generation.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

In terms of running points, Xiaomi 11 ultra Angou equipped with Xiaolong 888 has a comprehensive running point of 820000 +, and its theoretical performance has naturally reached the top level of Android mobile phones.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

Xiaomi 11 ultra plays “peace elite”

In terms of actual game performance, according to the actual test, Xiaomi 11 ultra equipped with Xiaolong 888 has no pressure to deal with “King’s glory” and “peace elite” in 90 frame mode.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

Xiaomi 11 ultra plays original God

Even if the performance requirements of the “original God” game is relatively high, the average frame rate can be maintained at 59.7 frames, and the picture fluency is relatively good.

If you pursue the ultimate performance, you can consider the model equipped with snapdragon 888. At present, many flagship mobile phones are equipped with snapdragon 888, such as Xiaomi 11 Pro / ultra, oppo find X3 pro, vivo X60 PRO + and so on.

Of course, in order to get a better game experience, it is not only related to the performance of mobile phone chips, but also the adjustment of chips and the cooling capacity of mobile phones by mobile phone manufacturers, which are also worthy of attention.

Snapdragon 870

Snapdragon 870 is also a flagship processor. It adopts 7Nm process technology. The CPU is designed with eight cores, including one a77 super core (3.2ghz) + three a77 large cores (2.42ghz) + four A55 small cores (1.8GHz). The GPU is Adreno 650. Snapdragon 870 is the upgraded version of snapdragon 865, which can also provide very powerful performance support.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

In terms of running points, oppo find X3 is equipped with Xiaolong 870, and Antu V9 has a total score of 710000 +. Although the theoretical running points are about 100000 different from that of snapdragon 888, the performance is also very powerful.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

In the game part, snapdragon 870 is also easy to deal with the current mainstream games. Using oppo find X3 to play the game, the average frame rate of “glory of the king” in 90 frame mode is 89.7 frames, and there is little fluctuation in the whole process. The average frame number of playing “peace elite” under HDR image quality can reach 58.8 frames, so it’s easy to deal with this type of game.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

Oppo find X3 play original God

In the extreme picture quality setting, the average frame number of oppo find X3 is 45.8, which is not as good as the Xiaolong 888, but it can also guarantee good fluency. If you want to get a smoother picture, it’s no problem to reduce the picture quality.

Redmi K40, iqoo neo5, find X3, Xiaomi 10s and other models all use the snapdragon 870. Compared with the model using the snapdragon 888, the mobile phone equipped with the snapdragon 870 is cheaper on the whole.

Tianji 1200

Tianji 1200 is the latest flagship chip of MediaTek, which adopts TSMC’s 6nm process technology. The CPU part is an eight core combination of one A78 (3.0GHz) super core, three A78 (2.6GHz) large core and four A55 (2.0GHz) small core. The GPU adopts mail-g77 mc9.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

The V9 version of the mobile phone equipped with Tianji 1200 has a comprehensive score of about 700000, which is close to the model equipped with Xiaolong 870.

At present, there are few models equipped with Tianji 1200, and it is expected that many models will use this chip in the future. Real GT Neo is equipped with Tianji 1200, 90 frames of “King’s glory” and special effects are fully open. Playing “peace elite” has good effects. The actual performance of these two games is close to that of snapdragon 870.

Tianji 1100

The overall performance of Tianji 1100 is weaker than that of Tianji 1200. Tianji 1100 adopts TSMC 6nm process and supports dual-mode 5g. The CPU is composed of four A78 (2.6GHz) + four A55 (2.0GHz) 8 cores. The GPU adopts mail-g77 mc9 with lower frequency.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

With Tianji 1100’s vivo S9, Antu V9 runs 660000 +.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

The recently released vivo S9 is equipped with this chip. It’s easy to play games like “glory of the king” and “elite of peace”. Using vivo S9 to play the original God, the average frame rate of the game can be maintained at 46.6 frames with the picture quality fully open, and the actual performance is also good.

Samsung exynos 1080

Samsung exynos 1080 flagship chip, this chip uses advanced 5nm process technology, CPU for 1 cortex-a78 (2.8GhZ) + 3 cortex-a78 (2.6GHz) + 4 cortex-a55 (2.0GHz) eight core design, GPU part for mali-g78 MP10, integrated 5g baseband. The comprehensive running score of Antu V9 version can reach 660000 +.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

vivo X60 Pro

Currently, only vivo X60 and X60 Pro are using Samsung exynos 1080. According to the actual test, the special effects are fully open. It’s very smooth to play such games as “King’s glory” and “peace elite”. When playing “original God”, turn on high rendering accuracy and anti aliasing, the rest is the lowest or off image quality settings, the average frame rate of the game is 57.6 frames, such special effects settings, fluency is better.

Snapdragon 780g

Snapdragon 780g is a new chip recently released by Qualcomm, which continues some of the characteristics of snapdragon 888. The snapdragon 780g adopts Samsung 5nm process technology, the CPU part adopts an eight core design of one A78 super core (2.4GHz) + three A78 large cores (2.2GHz) + four A55 (1.9GHz) small cores, and the GPU is Adreno 642.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

At present, only the Xiaomi 11 youth version is equipped with the chip. The official said that the score of the Xiaomi 11 youth version Antu V9 version can reach 560000 +, and the theoretical performance has exceeded Xiaolong 765G and Xiaolong 768g.

Snapdragon 768g

Snapdragon 768g is not the latest chip. The redmi K30 speed version released last year is equipped with snapdragon 768g. Snapdragon 768g adopts 7Nm process technology, CPU is one A76 (2.8GhZ) + one A76 (2.4GHz) + six A55 (1.8GHz) eight core design, GPU is Adreno 620, which is the enhanced version of snapdragon 765G.

近期热门手机芯片性能排行 看看都达到啥水平

Recently released iqoo Z3 adopts Xiaolong 768g, and Antu V9 runs 440000 +. According to the actual test, when the special effects are fully open, the excellent fluency can be maintained when playing such games as “King’s glory” and “peace elite”.


These are the mainstream chips that are common in mobile phones at present or in the next period of time. You can choose the model that uses the corresponding chip according to your own performance needs. If you have high requirements for the game experience, you should not only pay attention to the chip performance, but also pay attention to the performance tuning of the phone and the performance of the cooling part, which will have a great impact on the final game performance.



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