Kangbach honeycomb pot, a kitchen artifact, realizes your dream of “being lazy”

The joy of life is not without tasting delicious food, which can stand the time of fumigation, and the taste spreads out in the slow brewing. Time is like cooking, leaving a mark of taste between transpiration.

Many people don’t have very skilled cooking skills. When they are “delicious” and “lazy”, they need some efficient cooking helpers. Kangbach honeycomb pot integrates frying, frying, steaming, boiling and other functions, so that you can enjoy a variety of delicious life at home, and realize your dream of “eating well and being lazy”.


Fine research of honeycomb technology, based on quality innovation

Kangbach is a rising brand in the Kitchenware Market in recent years. As an advocate of healthy life, kangbach is committed to bringing more healthy life to global consumers through kitchenware innovation. Kangbach takes honeycomb pot as the main category, and its products cover a number of pot categories such as frying pan, frying pan, soup pot, milk pot, etc.

Kangbach used honeycomb technology to innovate kitchen utensils, and etched concave convex fine texture in the pot wall. The protruding part forms a non coating honeycomb network structure, and the anti sticking layer only covers the grain depression, and does not directly contact with the spatula, which can effectively solve the problem that the coating is easy to fall off. The food does not paste the bottom of the pot, which is more convenient for cleaning, and can be wiped clean after use. Kangbach’s cooking utensils are mainly made of 316L stainless steel, which can retain the original flavor of the food materials; the multi-layer composite structure makes the thermal conductivity better, improves the thermal efficiency, saves more time and energy in cooking; the corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of the cooking utensils are improved, which extends the service life of the cooking utensils.

All kinds of kitchen upgrade, cooking handy

Since ancient times, Chinese kitchenware has always been very simple: a knife, a pot, because it is simple, so it should be changeable. Kangbach honeycomb pot adopts flat bottom design to meet the needs of gas stove, induction cooker, electric ceramic stove, halogen stove and other stoves. It’s not made of spatula material. It’s wear-resistant and scratch resistant. It’s not easy to turn yellow after long-time use. All functions of frying, frying and cooking are available, perfectly competent for any cooking method, helping to unlock new dishes. Stainless steel cutting tool three piece set and stainless steel cutting board are durable and antibacterial, which can meet all the needs of show cooking.

The R & D team of kangbach strives for a high degree of integration of technology and materials to create kitchen utensils with both innovative spirit and process details. The perfection displayed is not only a kitchen utensil, but also an extraordinary calm bearing.

For three consecutive years, kangbach has been ranked as the best online shopping platform in terms of sales volume. With such excellent results, kangbach must have strong strength and gold medal quality. Behind the high sales volume and constant praise is the unique core technology, as well as kangbach’s ingenuity in fine grinding of products. Firmly grasp the needs of consumers, keep pace with the times and walk in front of the times, leading the market trend.

Delicacy can also be achieved by Conbach’s Honeycomb pot, and Kwai Bai can finish the three meals a day with pleasure.



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