I don’t know how to choose the installed hardware. You can’t miss these products

In the face of those 3A blockbusters queuing up to go online, the master machine at home creaks as soon as it’s turned on, so it can only go through the video clearance. Last night, I watched the stars and realized that I was short of a “machine”. It’s time to install a new host. I believe many people have experienced such a problem when installing the machine. They are dazzled by the variety of hardware on the market. Don’t worry. Today I’ll recommend some hardware that I felt good when I installed. They not only have excellent performance, but also are very affordable. I believe they can help you get rid of the difficulty of choice.

Intel inteli9-11900k

I9-11900k is Intel’s new 11th generation desktop processor. It is also the designated processor for the global E-sports events Intel extreme Masters (IEM) and eslone. This kind of professional recognition is also due to its strong performance. This processor has 8 cores and 16 threads. After the iterative update of the revolutionary processor core architecture, the IPC performance can be improved up to 19%. The basic frequency of i9-11900k is 3.5GHz, and the single core and full core Rui frequency can reach 5.3GHz and 4.8ghz. Moreover, it is an unlocked version. Users who pursue the ultimate performance can easily overclock. For users who do not overclock, Intel’s Rui frequency acceleration Max technology can also bring intelligent overclocking.

I9-11900k supports 20 channel pcie4.0, 16 channel high-end graphics card and 4-channel pciessd, making your game experience very enjoyable. I9-11900k also adds AI acceleration instruction of Intel deep learning technology, and its new Intel Ruiju Xe core display architecture also supports AV1 hard decoding, which can bring twice the result with half the effort for professional users. For players, i9-11900k also has the background automatic intelligent game acceleration buff, which brings higher FPS and more refreshing game experience.

Conclusion: the performance of i9-11900k can be described as flagship level, with 8 cores and 16 threads, which makes this processor easy to run large-scale games or open various large-scale tasks. It can help you play games freely, and also enable you to open fire in your work. It is the right assistant for your work and games.

Player’s country rogstrixz590-agamingwifi snowblowing motherboard

As the saying goes, a good horse needs a good saddle, so a flagship CPU needs a flagship motherboard to give full play to its full strength, and rogstrixz590-aging is a motherboard that can make the CPU give full play to its performance.

Rogstrixz590-agaming has 14 + 2 power supply module, lga1200 base supports 10 and 11 generations of core processor, with solid pin power supply of procoolii, it can provide stable power supply. In terms of heat dissipation, this motherboard has integrated I / O + VRM heat dissipation armor, three m.2 heat sinks, heat dissipation backplane and chipset heat sinks, which can be said to achieve a comprehensive coverage without leaving a dead corner, so that the motherboard can guarantee a cool working temperature at all times.

The interfaces of rogstrixz590-aging are also very rich, such as three pcie4.0x16 and one pcie3.0x4, six sata6gb / s and three m.22242-22110, one lightning four pin, four usb3.2gen2 and nine USB2.0, which can meet the needs of most users to connect various external devices. And this motherboard also has AI intelligent optimization 2.0 technology, which can achieve intelligent overclocking, intelligent cooling, intelligent network and bidirectional AI noise reduction, giving users a comfortable experience.

Conclusion: rogstrixz590-aging is a motherboard with luxurious materials, rich interfaces and excellent heat dissipation. It can not only give full play to the full strength of CPU, but also provide users with various AI intelligent functions. With its excellent appearance, people will never forget it at a glance.

IFLYTEK radioonrx6700xt overseas OC

Graphics card is indispensable for game playing and video rendering. And Xunjing rx6700xt overseas OC is a graphics card with strong performance. This video card has 2560 stream processors, core boost frequency of 2622mhz, 192bit 12gbgddr6 video memory and 16gbps video memory frequency, so its performance is very strong.

Xunjing rx6700xt overseas OC adopts die-casting all aluminum alloy radiator cover and back plate to increase effective heat dissipation area and protect PCB from deformation. At the top of the graphics card, there is also a high-resolution light effect of radonrx + XFX, which increases the beauty of the graphics card.

The x90oc has a large fan area in the front and rear of the video card, and the x90oc has a large fan area in the front and rear of the video card. At the same time, there are pure copper base and five 6mm long pure copper nickel plated heat pipes. The display memory and power supply components are covered with heat conduction stickers to enhance heat dissipation.

Conclusion: the heat dissipation specification of Xunjing rx6700xt overseas OC can be said to be very luxurious, which can ensure that the temperature of the graphics card is still cool when it is running at full speed. This is also because of its strong performance, so the luxury heat dissipation specification is needed to ensure the continuous output of performance, and the exterior design of this graphics card is also excellent, which can make people shine.

G.skill 16GB (8gx2) set ddr43600 frequency

Many players know that some games eat memory, which means that the experience of the game has a lot to do with the performance of memory, so at this time, a set of high-quality memory is very necessary. Zhiqi 8gx2ddr43600 suit is the best choice. In terms of appearance, this memory adopts the light guiding technology designed by the exquisitely carved multi-layer cutting surface and crystal like clear material, together with the transparent mirror aluminum alloy heat sink processed by precision electroplating and polishing, which can be said to be brought into the computer hardware products according to the art process standard.

Zhiqi 8gx2ddr43600 suit is not only exquisite in appearance, but also powerful in performance. It has cl18-22-22-42 low latency, and also supports Intel xmp2.0 one click overclocking function. Players can easily experience the acceleration experience brought by overclocking. Zhiqi is made of advanced R & D technology and high-quality IC particles, providing a wide range of package specifications. At the same time, Zhiqi also adheres to strict testing standards to ensure the compatibility and stability of users.

Conclusion: the appearance of Zhiqi 8gx2ddr43600 suit is very amazing, as if it is a work of art. It can’t help but play, and it can’t stop people’s eyes. And its performance is also very amazing. Low delay, high frequency and high performance make it bring the ultimate performance to players. Strict standards also make it have excellent compatibility.

Huntkey gs500c black case

Chassis has been ignored by many players, but an excellent chassis can also increase the degree of beauty and use experience. Hangjia gs500c is an excellent chassis. It adopts a split design, which makes a scientific planning for the internal space of the chassis. The power supply and hard disk have independent bin design, which can make the internal cooling of the chassis separate. Hangjia gs500c can support water cooling and air cooling, and the enhanced design of 7 fan positions makes air cooling have enough space.

The front panel of Hangjia gs500c adopts integrated design and frosting process, which makes it look very simple and stable. At the same time, there is a luminous Hangjia logo design at the bottom, which makes the finishing point. Hangjia gs500c is a full side through design. Compared with the side plate design of other chassis, Hangjia gs500c has made improvements. The side plate of acrylic has higher definition and more beautiful visual effect. It can also effectively reduce the weight of the fuselage, and it is more convenient for users to install the screws without tools.

Conclusion: Hangjia gs500c is a very stable and low-key chassis. Its simple design and full side view design make it very durable. The support of air cooling and water cooling allows users to choose the cooling scheme. The split design takes good care of the cooling of various hardware.

Generally speaking, the above products have their own characteristics and are excellent products. Many of them are new products. I believe that as long as you choose them, you can be perfectly competent in both games and work, and can bring you high-quality experience. At the same time, these products are very friendly to both Gaowan and Xiaobai, with rich playability and various humanized designs to facilitate the use of various users. So if you’re going to build a computer recently, think about these products.

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