907g other delicate, like “magazine” like ThinkPad fell in love at a glance!

Should dynamic enterprises stick to the classics or keep innovating?

In the field of digital technology, the vision of “never changing” has never been realized. With the rise of the “empire” of the Internet, people’s increasing demand speeds up the iteration of products. It seems that only by constantly innovating themselves and insisting on innovation can technology enterprises maintain their vitality.

By the end of 2020, ThinkPad has finally brought many satisfactory answers to the “black fans”. From x1fold to x1nano, every product inherits the idea of “thinking about the era of evolution” that ThinkPad insists on.

Among them, thinkpadx1nano is the most satisfactory business book I have used in the past two years. It carries the past of the think family and brings new prospects. X1 nano purchase link: https://tk.lenovo.com.cn/product/1011355.html In the era of mobile Internet, “light” can be a step faster.

Thinkpadx1nano is the lightest model in the history of the family, even lighter than thinkpadx1carbon. It provides more choices for mobile office people who pursue extremely light experience.

The top shell of thinkpadx1 nano is made of carbon fiber, and the fuselage is also made of aluminum magnesium alloy. The combination of the two materials ensures that the weight of the fuselage is controlled at 907g, and it is also durable.

If you don’t have any intuitive concept about the 907g, you can refer to the weight of other notebooks of the same size, such as the one as the mainstay of the fashion circle:




Thinkpadx1nano is lighter than most notebooks of the same size by at least one mobile phone. If you compare it with other things, you can see that the weight of thinkpadx1nano is not much different from that of a magazine.

The weight of a magazine is 922g

Its thickness is amazing. The fuselage is controlled at 13.87mm, and the thickness of the whole machine is similar to that of a finger, while the fuselage outside the screen is only as thick as that of a mobile phone.

So when we hold thinkpadx1nano in our hands, we will have the illusion that whether it’s size or weight, it’s like carrying a book. It’s very light.

It’s really hard to imagine how to plug the 11th generation core processor and high-capacity solid-state drive and other hardware that can provide a complete PC experience under such a thin fuselage?


For the sake of firmness and lightness, the top shell is made of aviation grade CFPR carbon fiber composite and aluminum magnesium alloy fuselage, with no shrinkage in safety strength.

It is worth mentioning that although thinkpadx1nano looks like it can be broken by blowing bullets, in fact, it still passes 12 strict control tests of mil-std-810h standard. To a large extent, it can avoid the influence of adverse environments and scenes such as high humidity, high temperature, extreme cold, dust, collision, etc., and ensure the normal operation of the computer, which is very important for people who often need to travel or travel around the world It’s an essential feature. Remote conference, PS map revision easy to control

The configuration of thinkpadx1nano also keeps up with the latest development, with the 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor and Ruiju Xe graphics card.

In order to maximize the hardware performance, it is equipped with a full version of Eagle wing fan inside the fuselage.

As for performance points, thinkpadx1nano’s performance tuning method is to strive to squeeze the maximum performance within the allowable volume. The CPU multi-core score of cinebenchr23 can reach 5335, the CPU four core full frequency is 2.7ghz ~ 3.4GHz, and the maximum temperature is 93 ℃.

The performance score of 3dmark nightraid reached 15795.

The score of pcmark10 is 4473.

Good overall performance. If you, like me, usually hold meetings to show cases, remote videos, do office, browse the web to see videos, and simply PS process the pictures taken at the press conference, then the i5-1130g7 + 16g memory model in my hand will be enough. In addition, thinkpadx1nano is also equipped with a 48whr high-capacity battery, with a theoretical life of 13.6 hours, and supports fast charging. It can return 80% blood in about one hour. If you don’t plug in the power supply for one day, you won’t have electricity anxiety. 16: 10 screen: Golden office ratio

Thinkpadx1nano is equipped with a 13 inch screen. This time, ThinkPad finally ushered in a 16:10 golden office ratio and a narrow frame design with 85% visual area. The resolution is up to 2160 × 1350 2K, and the maximum brightness can reach 450 nits. It supports Dolby horizon HDR, and the color gamut covers 100% sRGB.

The screen brightness of ordinary business notebook is usually between 200 and 300 nits, so the brightness of 450 nit is at least 50% brighter than that of ordinary notebook. The same is sunny outdoor, other products screen color details will be lost a lot, and thinkpadx1nano screen will still be very clear, will not affect the normal office.

The measured screen covers 100% sRGB, 77% Adobe RGB, 77% P3, and the maximum brightness is 451cd / m2. Under the maximum brightness, the contrast is 1510:1, and the color accuracy Δ e < 2. The performance of this screen is really good.

What’s the use of high resolution?

Will 2K high resolution drag down notebook performance? In fact, the performance of the sharp torch Xe graphics card is enough to support 4K display output, so even if the thinkpadx1 nano screen resolution reaches 2K, I don’t feel stuck in the process of using it. The advantage of 2K is that the font displayed on the screen is clear and sharp, which can achieve the same “retina” level impression as high-end mobile phones.

13 inch 2K resolution HD screen, display effect does not shrink

Through the type-C interface on the fuselage, an additional 4K display can be connected for dual screen office.

Up to 180 ° flip screen

Like other products in the ThinkPad family, thinkpadx1nano allows users to flip the screen back to the desktop and share the screen content with their peers.

Full of fun keyboard + classic little red dot

The keyboard of ThinkPad is always the best in the notebook industry. When a person is used to ThinkPad, he will never consider other brands of business books, because the keyboard of ordinary lightweight books is usually like this:

Because the fuselage is too light and thin, the keyboard key process design is very short. Pressing it down is like knocking on a steel plate. The feedback is very poor, which makes people easily have a sense of hesitation when typing.

And how does thinkpadx1 nano do it?

On thinkpadx1nano, I saw the ingenuity of the designer — a touch of sticking to the classic under the innovation.

Although the thinkpadx1 nano body is the same thickness as the mobile phone, it still retains the excellent typing feel of the series, as well as the classic smile curve keycap and X-shaped bracket.

The keyboard supports white backlight and two levels of brightness are adjustable.

So the keyboard of thinkpadx1nano sounds like this:

The paragraph of x1nano is clear and the feedback q is powerful.

The key range is 1.35mm, and this kind of hand feeling is basically the same as that of x1carbon. Even if you need to tap thousands of lines of code every day, you won’t feel tired.

Thinkpadx1 nano also continues the business people’s favorite little red dot + three key design, easy to operate.

If you move the little finger on the red dot, the pointer will give you accurate feedback, and the thumb can naturally tap the left and right buttons. After you get used to it, you won’t think about bringing an extra mouse when you’re on a business trip. Thinkpadx1nano is also equipped with multiple security features

Face recognition can avoid privacy leakage

The top of the screen is equipped with IR Camera + glare, which can realize the function of HPD smart eye. This function allows me to automatically lock the computer when I am away from the computer. When I get close to my laptop, I can automatically log in with the help of windows Hello facial recognition system. The experience is just like that of a smart phone, and I can unlock the device by brushing my face.

The camera is equipped with thinkshutter black valve and physical switch to avoid privacy leakage when not using the camera.

The thinkpadx1nano also supports fingerprint recognition


Thinkpadx1nano is a classic work with insight into the development trend of the times. Its core is the classic ThinkPad, which inherits the appearance elements of “little black”, and has excellent keyboard, small red dot and other designs. At the same time, it makes the fuselage weight jump to 907g on top of the classic, and also has a military safety standard to ensure that business people will not encounter the embarrassment of downtime when they travel easily. The addition of intelligent business attributes such as IR camera provides a variety of conveniences for daily office.

On the whole, thinkpadx1nano is undoubtedly a product with excellent quality and benchmark in the family. With its outstanding performance, it shows ThinkPad’s determination to continuously strive for the pioneer of business PC industry.

X1 Nano



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