unable to distinguish one kind of grain from another? The representative suggested that primary, middle and primary schools should be encouraged to set up “agriculture through science and education”


Nowadays, in the Internet information age, many students are stuck in the world of reinforced concrete and mobile computers, but they are alienated from agriculture and rural areas. As a result, many children are “absent-minded” and “pay no attention to grain”. In individual fields, there are few “rice field pioneers” like Yuan Longping.

Recently, during the two sessions, an Ting, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, suggested that we should encourage primary, middle and primary schools to set up agricultural practice. As soon as the proposal was put forward, it was soon on the hot search.

五谷不分?代表建议鼓励大中小学开设学农实践 “科教兴农”更好地落地

Indeed, to a certain extent, it is beneficial for the students to inherit the spirit of “hard work and teamwork”, let the new generation of young people understand and respect the countryside and agriculture, and let the “Chinese nation” take root in the hearts of the children.

Nowadays, China is still a big agricultural country, and training primary, middle and primary schools to carry out agricultural practice is also more conducive to this generation to combine their knowledge with agriculture. By encouraging them to observe and participate, we can better implement “prospering agriculture through science and education” and promote the sustainable development of rural areas according to local conditions.

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