Wanshun taxi Hailing: striving to draw a “concentric circle” for future development

In the development of online car Hailing industry, Wanshun taxi Hailing has always been firm in the confidence of “decisive battle and decisive victory”, has always taken out the momentum of “working in one drum”, has always adhered to the original intention of “serving the people”, has always taken out the drive of “grasping to the end”, has always maintained the perseverance of “moving mountains by foolish people”, and has always taken out the tenacity of “consistent” to gather the maximum “positive energy” and form the maximum “centripetal force” ”And strive to start a new journey and draw a “concentric circle” for future development.

Focus on the goal and have a pattern. Over the years, Wanshun taxi Hailing company has been working as a whole, uniting and cooperating with each other, uniting the will, concentrating the strength, unifying the strategic direction, focusing on the strategic objectives, targeting accurately, focusing on the development of main business such as express, carpooling, special car, driving agent, free riding, etc., expanding the incremental market, rapidly expanding the market share, striving for progress in stability, and gaining momentum, so as to realize the high-quality and sustainable development of online car Hailing industry.


Clear planning and path. In the face of the future, Wanshun car Hailing draws a new blueprint and leads high-quality development with high-level planning. During this period, the “Wanshun taxi hailing 2021-2025 five year development plan” is the main line of Wanshun taxi Hailing strategy. Around the main line, Wanshun taxi Hailing staff and staff should study and interpret carefully, make decomposition and implementation plan according to local conditions, strictly implement the assessment system, firmly implement it, open the “master switch” of thinking development, firmly hold the responsibility, implement the “bull nose”, activate the “power source” of reform and innovation, and release the resources The policy of benefiting enterprises is a “catalyst” to enhance safety and “guarantee force”.

Reconstruction and innovation. In the face of the future, Wanshun taxi Hailing firmly believes that reconstruction can be reborn. In 2017 and 2018, Wanshun established and improved its branches, enriched and improved its organizational structure, built a good platform and laid a solid foundation. From 2019 to 2020, we should strive for progress while maintaining stability, restructure the market system, rebuild the entrepreneurial will, rectify and clean up the branches, rectify the internal order, embed the development gene, add the development engine, and upgrade to version 2.0, with clearer strategic direction, firmer strategic strength, and clearer strategic objectives. With the sinking of management, market and market tools, we should set up the ambition of “wanting to do things”, enhance the confidence of “being able to do things”, and firm the determination of “doing things”, so as to escort the construction of a new development pattern and make unremitting efforts to achieve high-quality development.



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