The transformation and rebirth of long rent apartment after the storm

This is an unusual spring for the rental market. According to previous experience, March and April are usually the traditional peak seasons of Beijing’s rental market, but this spring after the epidemic eased, it seems that Beijing’s rental market has not really recovered. On the contrary, long-term apartments, which have experienced a series of disturbances last year, are still popular. In addition to the inherent advantages of good quality, complete appliances and clear rules, the logic of “going through a round of elimination is still there” makes many people think that the risks of long-term apartments have been released to a certain extent. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that the long-term rental apartment, which has suffered from the storm, is gradually on the right track.

风波过后 长租公寓的蜕变与重生

Long term apartments are in great demand

“There are not as many people renting this spring as they used to.” This is the most intuitive feeling of Xiaolu, who works as a rental agency in Tiantongyuan. She has worked here for more than three years, and the Tiantongyuan area she chose is also known as “the largest community in Asia” and “Beipiao gathering place”. It is understood that Tiantongyuan has 16 districts and 645 buildings, with a permanent resident population of nearly 500000.

Beijing’s rental market has always been hot with a strong timeliness. After March, a large number of people often return to Beijing after the year. At the same time, many graduates and overseas returnees from other places will come to Beijing to look for jobs at this time. However, this year’s situation is slightly different. Xiaolu told Beijing Business Daily that when the new year was just over at the end of February, there were still more people looking at the houses, but since March it has been relatively cold.

The same situation has been confirmed in other parts of Beijing. Mr. Fang, who is in charge of lianhuaqiao District, also told Beijing Business Daily: “with the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies, it is good for the rental housing market, but it is not easy to judge the degree now. It may take a while for the real boom.” According to the data of I love my family research institute, after the Spring Festival this year, the monthly trading volume still maintains the downward trend since September last year. Although the average rent per square meter rose significantly in February this year, up 4.1% on a month on month basis, it still fell by 2.6% compared with the same period last year.

In response, Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of E-House Research Institute, said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily: “there is no upsurge of job-hunting, but coldness is a normal phenomenon. In summer, with the emergence of job hunting and job hopping, it is also likely to be hot. “

However, different from the insipid traditional rental market, despite the problems of several long-term rental apartment brands last year, after the storm, there is still an endless stream of tenants looking for houses on the long-term rental apartment platform. “Although the price will be higher, the quality of long-term rental apartment rooms is good, the appliances and furniture are complete, the rules of broadband water and electricity charges are very clear, and the maintenance and cleaning services after renting don’t need to worry, which is very cost-effective for me.” Xiao Cai, a renter who lives in a flat, is interested in the supporting services of this kind of apartment. As for the previous storm, Xiao Cai said: “if we don’t consider long-term apartment rental because of the” thunder “, we will stop eating for choking. Although there are things before, I think after this round of market elimination and some national control measures, the risk will be much smaller. “

Similarly, when asked about the impact of the previous storm, the housekeeper of a centralized long-term rental apartment near the temple of heaven also told Beijing Business Daily: “many tenants ask me, and I will say that we will not have any problems. One is that we didn’t have any problems before. The other is that we are in a tight supply of houses and the platform is operating well. “

Compared with the decentralized long-term rental apartment, the centralized long-term rental apartment “one room hard to find” situation is more eye-catching. Beijing Business Daily reporter found that there are few vacant rooms on several centralized long-term rental apartment apps, and most of the stores and rooms are full. Xiao Xie, a housekeeper of a long-term apartment in Lishuiqiao, told reporters that if you want to make a reservation, you should decide to sign a contract at least one month or even two months in advance.

The rent loan that has stopped

The advantages of long-term rental apartments are clear at a glance, which solves a series of problems for owners, such as hiring and maintenance, brings convenience for tenants to find a house, and also improves the rental experience. Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, said that the centralized long-term rental apartments are relatively stable. They are renovated by big asset owners, and the number is relatively large and concentrated. Therefore, the rent is relatively stable, which is also the direction of policy encouragement. However, the decentralized one is the transformed version of traditional rental housing, which does not belong to the direction of policy encouragement.

However, from the past experience, the long-term rental apartment also has many hidden dangers due to the problem of rent loan. Xiao Li is a graduate student in Beijing. In June 2020, when he graduated from the University, he needed to rent a house. Therefore, he used a platform for parents to rent apartments to launch corresponding activities for fresh graduates. According to the activity rules, graduates can not only free deposit, but also pay monthly rent, which seems to be very friendly to students.

But Xiao Li told Beijing Business Daily that he didn’t notice a loan contract in addition to the house rental contract until the signing of the contract. This rental contract, like other tenants, is signed with the long-term apartment platform as Party A, but the other contract is signed with financial institutions, which was not explained by the intermediary before.

Li Song, a partner lawyer of Beijing Dongyuan law firm, told Beijing Business Daily: “the house rental contract signed by the renter and the intermediary is actually a loan contract. This loan contract is mainly guaranteed by the renter’s personal credit to obtain a one-year loan. At the same time, the service fee agreed in the contract is in fact the loan interest. “

At present, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found on the multi parent apartment rental platform that all platforms offer the option of “one for one” and some platforms will pay a little higher monthly than quarterly. When asked whether the monthly payment is a rental loan, a number of intermediaries denied it, and indicated that the mortgage payment is written in the housing lease contract, and does not involve third-party financial institutions.

“If a renter signs a rental contract with a real estate agent, he should carefully check the relevant contents of the rental contract and sign carefully,” Li said. In practice, it may be possible for tenants to pay attention to official account numbers and take photos with ID cards.

Back on track after the storm

In the past year, long-term rental apartment is one of the key words in the housing rental market. After a series of disturbances, the long-term rental apartment also accelerated to return to the right track. During the two sessions of this year, “standardizing the development of long-term rental housing market” was first written into the government work report, and the meaning of strong supervision is self-evident. At the same time, the national “fourteenth five year plan” and the 2035 long-term goal outline also mentioned that it is necessary to speed up the establishment of a multi-agent supply, multi-channel security, rent and purchase housing system. Specifically, we should speed up the cultivation and development of the housing rental market, effectively revitalize the stock of housing resources, expand the supply of urban rental housing, improve the long-term rental housing policy, and gradually make the rental housing have the same right to enjoy public services.

Before that, in view of the possible risks and problems in the long-term rental apartment market, on September 7, 2020, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development (MOHURD) issued the “housing rental regulations (Draft)”, which proposed more than 60 regulatory measures to bring into the regulation the phenomena that are easy to cause disputes, such as “high income and low income”, “long income and short payment” and “rent loan”.

It is understood that in order to ensure that the rental market can return to the right track, since February this year, six provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, have successively issued policies on Housing leasing. Take Beijing as an example. In February this year, the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development and other departments jointly issued relevant documents, which clearly stated that the amount of rent collected in advance should not exceed three months’ rent. At the same time, the deposit will also be entrusted by the special account established by the Beijing real estate intermediary industry association. The purpose of this move is to keep the long-term rental apartment in a more safe and healthy state of development.

In addition to policy norms, enterprises themselves are also restructuring. One of the key indicators is the rental rate. It is understood that, generally speaking, the ideal rental level of the long-term rental apartment industry is usually about 90% – 95%. However, among the long-term rental apartments that were “killed” before, there are many enterprises whose rental rate is lower than 50% or even 30%.

However, with the control of the epidemic and the clearing of market risks, the occupancy rate of long-term rental apartments has also rebounded. Not long ago, the annual reports of many listed real estate enterprises were disclosed, and the situation of long-term rental apartments also surfaced. Taking Vanke as an example, its annual report shows that as of the end of 2020, Vanke Group has operated and managed 184400 long-term rental apartments, with a total of 142400 open. As of the end of the reporting period, the overall rental rate of the opened projects has exceeded 95%. In addition, Longhu group’s annual report also shows that in 2020, there are 90000 senior rental apartments in Guanyu, with an overall rental rate of 88.5%, of which 93.3% have been open for more than six months. In terms of income, the performance report shows that Longhu group’s rental housing income is about 1.811 billion yuan, compared with 1.175 billion yuan in the same period last year.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Tao Feng intern reporter Ruan Hangda

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