Zhao Guanghui, the controlling shareholder of Fengyuan shares, reduced 3.6829 million shares and cashed out about 49.7926 million shares

On March 5, taobei.com, Fengyuan shares (002805) recently announced that Zhao Guanghui, the controlling shareholder of the company, reduced 3.6829 million shares of the company by means of centralized bidding and block trading. The price range of this reduction is 13.38-16.35 yuan / share, and the cash out is about 49.7926 million yuan.

丰元股份控股股东赵光辉减持368.29万股 套现约4979.26万

According to the announcement, Zhao Guanghui held 63.3 million shares of the company before the reduction, and 59.617.113 million shares after the reduction, accounting for 41.01% of the total share capital.

According to the company’s performance forecast in 2020, the net profit loss of the Company attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in 2020 is 24.5-29.5 million yuan, and the profit of the same period last year is 11.3277 million yuan.

According to the data of digbei.com, the main businesses of Fengyuan are oxalic acid business and lithium battery cathode material business.



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