How important is the packaging of consumer goods? Package box helps e-commerce create independent packaging design and printing

If you have ever been a boss and made products (with physical objects), you must have encountered a problem, which is called the last pain before the product goes on the market: packaging.

There are two aspects of pain

1. Everything is ready, only Dongfeng. As a result, it will take a month for the Dongfeng to blow over. The design and customization of packaging boxes is so efficient. It does not mean that it is difficult, but the traditional workflow is so slow.

2. One product hasn’t been sold yet, so we have to purchase 10000 packing boxes first. If you want less, I’m sorry, the price will be higher. If you want to try more water and make less packing, I’m even more embarrassed. The factory won’t quote. I’ll tell you directly: Mr. X, my factory is very busy now, I really don’t have time to take orders. Actually, he doesn’t want to make this list, but he’s afraid that if you don’t find him in the future, you can only decline.

Usually, as Xiaobai, you need to understand that the production process of a packaging box is as follows:


Traditional workflow of packaging design and production

If each arrow represents a communication, you may think that the diagram is exaggerated. If the actual situation is drawn out, basically the above diagram is just arrows…

As a brand side, what they know best is their own products. As for the external packaging, they probably know how to use it or what kind of packaging they buy from other products around them. Therefore, the brand side has to find a design company before going on the market to produce renderings. It’s usually a fierce communication. At the end, they can imitate a friend’s dog, and the design fee can’t be less.

Well, 1-2 weeks later, as shown in the figure, the red line communication between the brand side and the designer is over. You think you can get the box tomorrow. You tell the market that you are ready to put it on the market. As a result, the buyer says to you that the factory needs to confirm the proofing, so you can just do it. You can’t expect that proofing will take 1-2 weeks, and bulk processing will take 1-2 weeks.

So you touch your head and ask yourself, why? Clearly the effect picture is so good, boot dry on the line.

Because, because the rendering is false, if the factory can generate the box according to the rendering, it is 3D printing. You must have heard of the actual situation: plate making, mold opening and power on. The process of plate making requires a knife line drawing. I’m afraid you and the designer have no idea what the accurate drawing is like after a box is unfolded. But the factory can only start work by relying on this. Let’s figure out what will happen next.

The next step is for the factory master to contact the designer (or you contact the designer) for the plane drawing, and then paste it in the master’s knife line drawing. According to the paper thickness and process, adjust the corners and color difference, and adjust the DPI of the picture, so as to ensure that it can be printed. After this, I will send it to you for signature. Only in this way can we dare to open the mold and get on the machine.

So what’s the fundamental reason? The three packaging products “box shape, effect and drawing” are just like “water, ice and steam”. They seem to be the same thing, but they are totally different.


As long as one day, the three parties can see the three states of a packaging box at any time, the problem of inconsistent information can be solved.

That is to say, any two states can be changed at any time. This requires a “digital structure of packaging” behind it, just like the molecular formula behind water, ice and gas is H2O. Speaking of this, you can probably understand why a packaging box is difficult to make.

Why is small batch more difficult

You will certainly ask, since a box is willing to do, such as proofing factory. Why not make 100 or 200? Isn’t business about scale effect? Can we be willing to do business with scale?

On the surface of the problem, but behind it is the problem of cost performance. We can’t just look at the higher amount of 100 items, we have to look at the profit ratio of each of them.

Let’s break down the logic of making 1-2 proofs and 10000-20000 large products

For example, the price of a plane box proofing is 50 yuan per box and 100 yuan per box, which is acceptable to most people. The profit is about 60 yuan for two boxes, and the processing time is only 1 hour.

For another example, the average person can accept 10000 pieces of a plane box for 1 yuan. The profit is about 10 cents per box and 1000 yuan for the whole. The actual processing time is about 1-2 days.

In fact, the energy efficiency ratio of the two factories is almost the same, and the well water can make money without breaking into the river water.

But if you only need to make 100 boxes, the problem will be very different. If you are willing to pay 50 yuan for one box, the problem will be solved, and the factories that are willing to do it will line up. But if you want to make 10000 boxes, it will only cost 10000 yuan, and if you want to make 100 boxes, it will cost 5000 yuan. Naturally, you will not agree.

Well, it’s a little bit more expensive. Suppose you can accept making 100 boxes and 3 pieces for each box. Let’s calculate that the proofing factory can make 100 different boxes in theory at the same time. In fact, considering the slight difference in the process of different boxes, even if you can make 50 different boxes, the proofing factory could have made 2500 yuan. Why do you want to make 100 boxes for you and make a total of 300 yuan.. .

So take a look at the big goods factory, a knife version fee is 300, do you still have money to earn.. As for power on, paper and printing, we can only use “too busy” to politely refuse.

How to solve it.

According to my research on Personalized Customization for many years, first, reduce the cost of design and communication, second, group purchase, and turn small batches into large quantities.

1. To reduce the cost of design and communication, we need powerful tools, such as small box, which can completely digitize and 3D a package from box shape, to effect, to drawing. Everyone can understand it and print it when they are satisfied.

2. Group buying needs a stable order flow. How big does a factory need to be to stably integrate small batch into large batch? The answer is at least 100 orders, which can connect 100 customers every day. At present, I haven’t seen one. Network order receiving may be a good solution, but it also involves national order receiving, which leads to a sharp increase in transportation costs. Therefore, I mean that there should be at least 100 orders per day within 400 km of the local area.

Of course, we also look forward to solving the problem of packaging production from the perspective of engineering and mechanics one day. For example, designing a brand-new machine can maintain the same efficiency from 10000 to 10000. Of course, this also requires digital upgrading.



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