Cloud migration publishes white paper on digital transformation of state owned enterprises

On April 7, cloud migration technology officially released the “white paper on full link digital transformation of state-owned enterprises”, which proposed for the first time that state-owned enterprises should follow the five step construction methodology when carrying out full link digital transformation construction, starting from infrastructure cloud, and gradually realize business contact digitization, business online, operation digitization and decision intelligence. The digital construction of each step can realize the coverage of the whole link from the enterprise marketing end, production end and supply end.

According to the white paper, the value of digital transformation of state-owned enterprises is mainly reflected in three aspects: link, data and intelligence. Through the link to consumers, employees, machinery and equipment, real-time data is generated, and then intelligent applications are driven by data. Consumers, employees and equipment terminals correspond to digital marketing, digital management and digital industry respectively. The digital transformation of five step enabling state-owned enterprises needs to be constructed from these three areas.

Zhao Guodong, deputy leader of national big data strategy 1142 project, leader of digital economy new infrastructure research group of national development and Reform Commission, current co director of digital governance and digital economy research center of Renmin University of China, and Secretary General of Zhongguancun big data industry alliance, made a connection sharing, with the theme of “dto” “Digital twin organization the final form of digital transformation of state-owned enterprises” mainly analyzes the final form of digital transformation and the path of digital transformation of state-owned enterprises from the dimension of data governance and data application.

Luo Jiaying, vice president and co-founder of Yunyi technology, and the leading author of “China Taiwan strategy” and “China Taiwan practice”, mainly analyzes the challenges and opportunities of the current digital transformation of state-owned enterprises from the current trend and thinking. Digital transformation is becoming an important way to build first-class state-owned enterprises. The new generation of information technology is creating new consumption, triggering the full link digital transformation of state-owned enterprises. This is the opportunity and the biggest challenge for the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises.

Dr. Chen Xinyu, co-founder and chief architect of cloud migration technology, is a doctor of computer science and engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also the deputy director expert of “digital enterprise middle platform application expert advisory group” of cloud service branch of application software products of China Software Industry Association. He has rich practical experience and cases in the field of digital transformation technology practice. Dr. Chen made an interpretation mainly from the perspective of “Dao”, “Fa” and “Shu” in the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises, and made a very wonderful speech for the audience. For example, digital transformation needs overall planning for the business as a whole, but in actual implementation, it often needs to start from the local part based on the urgency of business needs and the embodiment of business value, gradually build, gradually expand the business scope, and do a good job in the phased production of business value, so that the digital transformation can get feedback and support, so as to keep the digital transformation in the correct position We will continue to move forward in a positive way.

Since its establishment in 2016, cloud migration technology has helped 100 + head brand enterprises carry out digital transformation. Among them, the digital project cooperation with 30 + state-owned enterprises makes Yunyi technology accumulate rich experience and innovation cases in the field of state-owned enterprise digitization.

The white paper on the full link digital transformation of state-owned enterprises released this time not only collects the comprehensive path reference and scheme guide of the digital platform leading the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises that Yunyi technology has gained in more than five years, but also contains the forward thinking and guidance of Yunyi technology as the vanguard and leader on the road of assisting the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises.

The digital transformation of the world economy is the general trend. Enterprises should comply with the requirements of the digital economy era, reconstruct the core competitiveness of enterprises through digital transformation, and ensure to shape new advantages in the market competition. At present, China’s economy is in the key period of transforming the mode of development, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the power of growth, and the application and development of digital technology, especially the digital platform, is an important way to promote the good development of China’s economy.

Digital middle station, represented by data middle station and business middle station, has entered the digital transformation of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises in recent years. Digital transformation, represented by digital middle station, promotes not only the application of simple information technology, but also the profound reform of system mechanism and management process.

As a mid-range service provider driving intelligent business, cloud migration technology focuses on six industries and fields, including real estate, automobile, FMCG, Meijia, daily chemical and pharmaceutical. It provides digital business cloud services such as digital mid-range and SaaS new marketing mid-range through its two digital product matrixes of “digital warship” and “digital profit”. It takes “business + data” dual mid-range as the core technology to drive enterprise digital transformation To promote the continuous growth of enterprise business. There are mainly two core advantages. One is to deepen the business scenarios of a large number of benchmark customers to polish the deepest understanding of the industry; the other is to provide customers with comprehensive product matrix based on Alibaba Cloud Architecture.

The release of the white paper on full link digital transformation of state-owned enterprises is not only the first time that Yunyi technology shares with the industry its phased achievements in the field of digital transformation of state-owned enterprises in 2021, but also marks that Yunyi technology will follow the national fourteenth five year plan and continue to make efforts in the field of digital transformation of state-owned enterprises in the next three to five years, so as to add wings to the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises and accelerate the development of state-owned enterprises Enterprise digital transformation process.

In the future, cloud migration technology will continue to promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and enterprises by focusing on several warships and digital platform, give full play to its technological advantages in artificial intelligence, big data and other fields, create new advantages of digital economy, and enhance the competitiveness, innovation and influence of state-owned enterprises, so as to promote the digital and intelligent development of state-owned enterprises To help state-owned enterprises play a leading role in a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change.

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