Huami amazfit GTR 2 series has added ESIM function to support independent call

With the rapid development of intelligent wearable industry, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on adding professional functions in product development to solve users’ pain points. As an old smart watch manufacturer, huami technology has successively launched popular products such as amazfit GTR 2 and amazfit GTS 2, which have been affirmed by many consumers. Recently, huami has added independent communication function to amazfit GTR 2, and launched the ESIM version of amazfit GTR 2, which will be officially put on sale on April 9, providing users with a new choice of smart wear.

口碑炸裂的华米Amazfit GTR 2系列新增eSIM功能,支持独立通话

No burden of independent communication

The independent communication function of smart watch is a blessing for all kinds of user groups such as professionals, sports experts and student party. Take sports experts as an example, jogging has always been a necessary sport. In the process of running, we naturally hope to be able to pack light and reduce the number of equipment to the greatest extent. Amazfit GTR 2 ESIM can perform many functions such as communication, listening to music, positioning and so on through the function of independent communication.

It is worth noting that the independent communication function can not only reduce the load, but also bring more quality experience. First of all, with the help of amazfit GTR 2 ESIM when you go out for a run, you don’t need to carry it. You only need to open an independent communication or a No.1 dual terminal. You can receive and make calls, send and receive messages on your watch. You don’t have to take your mobile phone and you’re not afraid to miss any important notices. Secondly, amazfit GTR 2 ESIM supports Netease cloud music, can synchronize Netease cloud music song list, connect Bluetooth headset, open exclusive sports radio, and master the rhythm of sports.

口碑炸裂的华米Amazfit GTR 2系列新增eSIM功能,支持独立通话

Moreover, the signal transmission performance of amazfit GTR 2 ESIM is quite stable. From indoor to outdoor, its signal performance will not be disappointing. Whether it is answering customer calls at work or contacting family members outdoors, the connection between the watch and the base station is too smooth, and there will be no signal loss.

Continue excellent health monitoring ability

As mentioned at the beginning, amazfit GTR 2 ESIM is upgraded based on amazfit GTR 2, which naturally follows the previous mature health monitoring scheme. Previously, amazfit GTR 2 was unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign media. Its excellent health data monitoring ability not only won excellent comments from overseas ibtimes, GStyle magazine and digital trends media, but also won the “2020 smart hardware innovation award” of 2020 mobile phone innovation week in China.

口碑炸裂的华米Amazfit GTR 2系列新增eSIM功能,支持独立通话

(overseas digital trends media review)

On the e-commerce platform, amazfit GTR 2 has also been highly praised by users. Some users said that its heart rate, pressure, exercise and other health monitoring is very comprehensive, and the monitoring data is very accurate. Combined with excellent wearing experience and moderate weight, the overall hand feeling is highly praised.

口碑炸裂的华米Amazfit GTR 2系列新增eSIM功能,支持独立通话


口碑炸裂的华米Amazfit GTR 2系列新增eSIM功能,支持独立通话

Therefore, the health monitoring function of amazfit GTR 2 ESIM is naturally not too much. It can not only realize 24-hour heart rate monitoring and identify arrhythmia, but also warn when the heart rate is abnormal and keep away from sports injury. Not only that, it is also equipped with blood oxygen detection function, so that users can quickly understand their blood oxygen content, so as to reasonably adjust their work and rest rhythm. In addition, amazfit GTR 2 ESIM can also monitor the sleep status of users all night, analyze the causes of insomnia / poor sleep quality, and scientifically improve the sleep quality through relevant sleep assistance schemes.

口碑炸裂的华米Amazfit GTR 2系列新增eSIM功能,支持独立通话

In general, the emergence of amazfit GTR 2 ESIM gives users who like freedom and long for unbounded intelligent life experience a better choice. Its independent communication performance broadens its use environment and space, reduces users’ travel “load”. Combined with excellent health monitoring scheme, it can bring more peace of mind and ease to users’ life, killing two birds with one stone.



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