Kang Zeyu, President of tiktok, will focus on the electricity supplier and will launch the three support plan in the coming year.



Beijing, April 8

Tiktok tiktok President Kang Zeyu in keynote speech in April 8th, in the keynote speech of the tiktok first electricity supplier, the voice business is not a content business, nor a live broadcast business provider. It is an interest in the electricity supplier, which is based on people’s yearning for a better life, satisfying the potential shopping interest of consumers and improving the quality of life of consumers.

He said that tiktok has a good content ecology, and many high-quality creators, diversified users and more mature interest recommendation technologies, have great opportunities to do well in the interest of e-commerce. On the user side, interest e-commerce can find users’ potential needs and help them improve their quality of life; on the business side, interest e-commerce can help businesses find consumers more accurately and expand market opportunities.

Tiktok will launch three support programs in the coming year, helping 1000 businesses achieve annual sales of 100 million yuan, 10 thousand high-quality master sales and tens of millions of yuan sales, and 100 high-quality goods sold annually by billions of yuan.

Kang Zeyu said tiktok is the first indicator of the current business of GMV, despite the rapid development. It is the priority among priorities to improve the platform’s ability to provide basic services to businesses, and to provide users with quality purchase protection and customer service experience.


The following is the full text of Kang Zeyu’s speech:

Hello, everyone. I am Kang Zeyu, the head of the business of tiktok.

You may not be very familiar with me. Let’s introduce ourselves first. I am a technical background, and later changed to be a product manager. I like to do great and valuable things. In the past few years, I have been responsible for several international products, and the better one is hello, which has some influence in the local area. In fact, when I was doing Helo, I tiktok came to me several times, hoping I could try and do the jitter business.

In fact, I was a little hesitant at the beginning. At that time, I felt that the domestic e-commerce business seemed to be very mature. What can we gain by doing e-commerce?

But Lidong can’t stand it. He always told me that it’s a big problem. Hurry to do it. I’ll give it a try first.

Tiktok talked to me before joining the jitter. Lidong asked me, “what do you want to buy today?” I thought for a long time and said, “nothing!” Tiktok said, “you can scrub and shake the voice, see good stuff, buy it and buy it!” Later, I saw a live room in the shaking sound. Grandma Tian’s grandson introduced a tiktok, a quick and quick lobster, with a full shrimp and a strong soup. It looked delicious. I decided to make the first order in the tiktok. After I received it, I tasted it. It was really delicious and fragrant! I found out for the first time that the food industry developed so fast.

In addition to placing orders by myself, I also started to do some user research at the same time. This is also the tradition of our company. We need to know our users when doing business. Tiktok, I asked many friends, and found that the shopping experience on the trembling sound was very similar to mine. What I did not intend to buy was that I brushed it and found it: “ah, this is a good thing, so convenient and so good, it has been bought.”

Later, I gradually felt that this was really a great opportunity, and many users were not satisfied. I think it might be a bit interesting. We should be able to bring some new value to the industry, so I took the job.

The theme I share today is “interest creates a better life”.


What is interest e-commerce?

Our company actually started business as a business last year. There are many interpretations of the electricity supplier by the outside world. Tiktok said we are live providers or content providers, but we feel that these definitions are not accurate enough.

For example, content e-commerce may be very important to any e-commerce form. In the era without e-commerce, the packaging of consumer goods is very important, which is also the content.

Another example is live e-commerce. Live broadcasting is just a form of carrying information. Short videos and pictures are all forms of carrying information. We think that form may not be the most critical.

Our internal view on this new form of e-commerce is “interest e-commerce” – an e-commerce based on people’s yearning for a better life, satisfying users’ potential shopping interest and improving consumers’ quality of life.

The core of interest e-commerce is to actively help users find their potential needs.

Interest e-commerce is actually a bit like shopping. In the early era of mass consumption, people bought what they needed. Later, when people became rich, there were a lot of shopping malls and boutiques. When people went shopping, there was no specific demand. They just bought what they liked.

Just like my first single sample in the tiktok business, the demand of consumers is not clear in the interest of e-commerce scenario, which is the biggest feature of interest in electricity supplier. So we say that form is not the key. What’s more important is how you help users find their potential needs and help businesses recommend products to interested people.

What’s the demand for shopping? Why did it start to enter the field tiktok last year?


Because of the popularity of short video and live broadcast, the commodity display becomes more vivid and intuitive. It greatly reduces the decision threshold of consumers. Last year’s epidemic made it the first time for more businesses to bring goods through short video live broadcast, and it was also the first time for many people to try shopping through short video and live broadcast.

Secondly, interest recommendation technology is becoming more and more mature, and personalized recommendation based on interest has become the market standard.

Finally, a large number of excellent content creators appear, so that a large number of high-quality goods are displayed through better content form. Businesses can also reach more consumers through these creators. The value and opportunity of e-commerce

We believe that it is very valuable to be interested in e-commerce.

First of all, it is very valuable to help consumers find potential demand. In addition to just need, there are also many pursuits for a better life. I love traveling tiktok, I like mountains and waters, and I love watching the master’s favorite. I always have a problem that the electric kettle in the hotel is not so sanitary and I can’t take it out. Later, I saw a flying kettle on tiktok, which is exquisite and compact, easy to accept and hot water to use. Seeing this video, I immediately placed an order. Later, this kettle became a necessary outfit for my family travel, and I also brought it to Guangzhou this time. If I am not interested in e-commerce, I may miss the happiness of life. Interest e-commerce can tell us that “life can still be like this.”.


For businesses, on the one hand, more consumption is mined out, on the other hand, they can find their own consumers more accurately. In the past, if you have a new product, you need to spread it all over the “pile” of shopping malls and supermarkets, or open many exclusive stores and hire many shopping guides. Now, every tiktok is a “flagship store”, “exclusive store” and “boutique”, and the jitter can help you quickly reach the national users. According to feedback from businessmen, more than 85% of their customers are tiktok customers. Interest e-commerce brings greater market and opportunities for businesses.

Having said so many values and opportunities, I believe you will be very curious. How big will the future of e-commerce be?

According to the third-party calculation, the Gmv of interested e-commerce will probably exceed 9.5 trillion by 2023. More and more participants in the whole e-commerce industry will turn to e-commerce.

Interest in the electricity supplier tiktok, the opportunity for the voice business is certainly great.

The number of tiktok users is over 600 million, with the most creators in China and the most complete and healthy content ecosystem. Of course, we are confident in the technology of interest recommendation. So I think we have a great chance to do it well. Gmv with quality is the core index

After talking about our thoughts on e-commerce, I would also like to talk about our attitude towards e-commerce.

Our team’s consensus is that for the current stage of the voice business, tiktok is not the first indicator of GMV. The priority among priorities is to improve the platform’s basic service capability to tiktok, provide users with the ultimate purchase guarantee and customer service experience. Gmv with quality is the core index.


Last year, when I first came to e-commerce, the live delivery of goods happened to be very hot, and everyone did it all at once. Some stars in the industry are not ready to turn over their cars with goods. There are many doubts in all aspects. I asked a lot of colleagues and found a lot of partners. Although we said a lot of difficulties, none of them said they didn’t want to bring “good goods”. Then I have confidence. In the final analysis, I want to make the goods well.

The first thing I led the team to do after calling the Gmv was to give top priority to platform governance. We transferred a large number of products, technologies and operation backbones from all Gmv teams to do platform governance. We would rather sacrifice Gmv to do well in the management and control of businesses and commodities.

Not long ago, we released the annual report on consumer rights protection of 2020 jitter consumers. Since last June, we have identified 40 thousand super illegal stores through technical means, and successfully blocked over 300 thousand pieces of illegal merchandise before tiktok, and accumulated over 10000 pieces of infraction. Platform governance is a long-term work. We will make great efforts to create a benign business environment for our businesses, talents and institutions regardless of cost.

We hope to provide a good business environment for the majority of businesses, protect the shopping experience of every consumer, and prevent bad money from driving out good money. Only high tiktok GMV is not a voice business, can provide tiktok good things is the voice of the electricity supplier.

Besides, the tiktok electronic business team also attaches great importance to social responsibility. In the past year, 110 City magistrate entered the tiktok live room to help sell 123 million yuan of agricultural products, including goods sold in poor counties for over 60 million yuan. Chen Canping, former deputy county magistrate of Anhua County, Hunan Province, through the tiktok, “Chen county magistrate said Anhua” helped tea enterprises and tea farmers to sell tea. More than 300 live shows were broadcast in half a year, with a total sales of 15 million yuan, helping nearly 1000 people out of poverty.

Finally, I would like to share with you my signature:

Far away, far away, guard against arrogance and rashness


These eight words well show our attitude towards e-commerce: we are very optimistic about the prospect of e-commerce, but at the same time we are patient with the performance of the platform and are not in a hurry.

I hope that the majority of business friends can be as tiktok as we do, and we can be patient.

Jean Daren: for your fans, bring good things at good prices.

Help businesses: give your good goods at good prices to the users of the whole network.

Also hope to let users: a better life within reach.

Tiktok’s story is just beginning. I hope you can join us in growing together.

Thank you!

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